Registration Fee

Welcome to 2019 1st IEEE Austria International Biomedical Conference (AIBEC2019). Regarding to the registration fee, the following information is for your reference.


IEEE Member (a) 10% OFF 10% OFF
IEEE EMBS Member (b) 15% OFF 15% OFF
Non-member 850 1,000.00
Student Non-member (c) 490 590
University faculty 750 850
Attendant (Per Person) 300 350


  • Limited number of scholarship is likely to be available; preferably for students.

What’s included in the registration fee:

  1. Participation: Participation in all sessions in the conference, including the keynote session and panel session;
  2. Publication fee of one paper: Publication fee of one paper in the journals;
  3. Lunch and banquet: The lunch and banquet during the conference;
  4. Conference documents: Name tag, conference guide, two hard copies contain your published paper (free for Austrian authors, additional postage will be charged for authors from other countries), etc.
  5. Present: The present or souvenir in the conference;

Please note:

(a,b) IEEE Membership Number required at the time of registration.
(c) Proof of student status required – If you want to take advantage of the reduced IEEE Student or Non-IEEE Student registration fee you need to provide proof of student eligibility by e-mailing a copy of your student status certificate or ID card to in advance of the conference AND bring your original student status certificate letter or ID card when you pick up your conference documents at the registration desk. Both actions are mandatory to be eligible for a student registration. If you do not provide the student status documentation you will be charged the full registration rate.

(d) Group buying 6 or more than 6 tickets can enjoy 10% discount of the registration fee

(e) Group buying 10 or more than 10 tickets can enjoy 20% discount of the registration fee.

(f) Extra Paper : € 300  (per paper)

(g) Extra pages (Normal papers are limited with 4 pages. For more than 4 pages, € 125 has to be paid for each page)


Payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer