Sessions per day 2020

Wednesday, October 14th

Chairs: Ismael Minchala y Carlos Calderón 

112  Abad Torres, Cruz-Cando. Resilience Algorithm Applied to Trajectory Tracking of a Heterogeneous Group of Robots

58  Aboukheir, Herrera, Chavez, Leica, Camacho. Fuzzy Adaptive MPC for Nonlinear Time Varying Delayed Systems

30  Arostegui, Benitez, Caiza. A Fuzzy-PD Controller Optimized by Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Applied to a Small-Scale Pasteurization Plant

179  Belkhier, Achour. Passivity-Based Voltage Controller Design of Grid Connected Wind Turbine with PMSG

17  Cortés Garcia, Mendoza Mora, Rodriguez Pirateque. Design and Construction of Test Benches for Small Scale Aerospace Systems

254  Escandon, Cerrada. Active Fault Diagnosis Based on Consistencies to a Class of Hybrid Systems by Using Genetic Algorithms and Markov Decision Process

103  Flores-Morán, Yánez-Pazmiño, Espín-Pazmiño, Carrera-Manosalvas, Barzola-Monteses. Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm PID for DC Motor Position Controllers

89  García. A Self-Tuning PID Controller Design Based on Fuzzy Logic for Nonlinear Chemical Processes

Chairs: Angel Torres-Toukoumidis y Jaime Padilla Verdugo.

288 . Castillo-Velazquez, Silva Lopez, Huerta. ADVNETLAB Methodology: How to Improve Quality in Software Development and Engineering Projects

139 . Gonzales-Macavilca, Nolberto-Quispe. Satisfaction in Engineering Careers and Their Relationship with Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Anxiety, and Grades in a Public University in Lima, Peru

25 . Herrera Salazar, Pretell Cruzado, Donayre Cabezas, Pacheco Quispe, Herrera Salazar. Augmented Reality for Solar System Learning

64 . Huertas Cardozo, Vázquez-Villegas, Tejeda-Torres, Díaz-Ramírez. Low-Cost and High-Precision Labs to Promote Active Learning in Online Learning Environments

274 . Iraola-Real, Vasquez, Iraola-Arroyo, Antón Talledo, Fernández Vargas. Use of the Realistic Mathematics Principles as a Study Strategy by Students Aspiring to the Engineering Career

136 . Jauregui-Saavedra, Ramos-Gallardo, Trinidad-Echevarría, Tupia-Astoray, Velarde-Ríos, Andrade-Arenas. Analysis of the Use of Technological Tools in the E-Learning Process

237 . Llerena-Izquierdo, Barcia-Ayala, Ayala-Carabajo. Faculty Training through Crowdlearning for Emerging Online Education

Chairs: Harold A. Rodriguez Arias, Mario Arbulú y Neftali Elorza López  

67 . Alfaro, Morán. Leader-Follower Formation Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots

218 . Aponte, Villaviencio, Prado. Generation of Trajectories-Robot by Off-line Programming to Obtain High Quality MAG Welding Beads

87 . Arcos, Calala, Maldonado, Cruz. ROS Based Experimental Testbed for Multi-Robot Formation Control

295 . Borja Borja, Lescano. New Heuristic Method Merging Artificial Vision and Neural Networks Used in a Sensorless Robotic Arm Position Control

18 . Calle Flores. Improved Odometry Motion Models for Differential-like Mobile Robots

171 . Calle Flores. An Efficient MATLAB Implementation of Grid Maps and Laser Range Finder Likelihood Models for the Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots

300 . Cardona, Cortez, Palacios, Cerros. Mobile Robots Application Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Chairs: Nicolas Giraldo, Maria Elena Huertas, Gustavo Alvarez, Antonio Mogro, Monica Moreno y Daniel Prato

 314  Montufar Paz, Huertas, Cuisano Egusquiza. Driving Cycle and Emission Factors in High-Altitude Cities: Riobamba Case

290  Cuisano, Basagoitia, Quirama. Development of an Urban Driving Cycle in the Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

49  Romero, Coello, Cordero-Moreno. GPS Data Correction Through the IVE Model for Use in

313  Mogro, Huertas. Impact of the Vehicle Air Conditioning on Fuel Consumption Under Real-world Conditions

93  Mendoza, Alvarez, Coello, López, Carvallo. Automatic Estimation of Demand Matrices for Universities Through Mobile Devices

305  Salas Rodriguez, Rojas Machuca, Galarza Bogota, Castellanos Guarín. Using Raspberry for Inerctial and GPS Acquisition with Image Storage for an Adas Prototype Usign Xbee Communication

80  Melonio, Lopes. São Paulo SmartViz Traffic – an Information Visualization Tool

5  Arce. Traffic Parameters Survey Metholodogy for Traffic Modelling of Intersections: Case of Study Lima, Peru

116  Zinanyuca, Arce. Traffic Parameters Acquisition System Using Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Based Algorithm

289  Travaillé, Benamar, Clairand, Escrivá-Escrivá. Operation of DC Microgrids Considering Different Strategies of Electric Vehicle Charging

194  Paredes, Pozo. Energy Management Model for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the Environment of a Microgrid

292  Barros, Barros, Barros. Estimating Health Economics Impact of Cycling in Cuenca-Ecuador

Chairs: Edwin García Torres y Miguel Campaña

199  Acosta Dangond, Oliveros Pantoj, Soto, Ripoll Solano, López Díaz. A Review of Use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies in Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

187  Amoroso, Hidalgo-Leon, Litardo, Urquizo, Villavicencio, Torres, Singh, Soriano. Simulation of an Off-Grid Solar System to Provide Reliable Energy Access to the Island Community of Bellavista in Ecuador

215  Jiménez Alvarez, Ramos González, Delgado López, Hernández Delgado, Espinosa, Gutiérrez. Renewable Energy Prediction Through Machine Learning Algorithms

293  Yancachajlla Tito, Vilca Huayta, Quispe Huaman. Estimation of the Wind Energy Potential: A Case Study for a Site in the Southern Region of Peru

3  Vergara, Rios. Probabilistic Model of Wind Power Parks for Reliability Assessment

76  Sevilla, Cuisano, Ortega. Advanced Exergetic Analysis for Design Optimization of a CO2 Refrigeration System Using Parallel Compression

178  Quitiaquez, Estupiñán-Campos, Isaza-Roldán, Nieto-Londoño, Quitiaquez, Toapanta-Ramos. Numerical Simulation of a Collector/Evaporator for Direct-Expansion Solar-Assisted Heat Pump

Chairs: Rafael Vásquez y René Vinicio Sánchez

 317  Berger, Dominguez Soberanes, Cachutt-Alvarado, Hernández-Lozano, Macías-Ochoa, Ortega-Fraustro, Licea-Domínguez. Biopolymers Obtained from Orange Waste Based on a Decision Tree

48  Cabascango, Mejía-Echeverría, Ortiz Morales, Ojeda Peña. Modeling Of Forced Airflow in a Greenhouse

225  Carrasquero Rodriguez, Gil, Hernández. Electrochemical Assisted Deposited Hydroxyapatite Coatings for Biomedical Applications

312  Puga, Macias, Barragan, Rigail, Manzano, Rivas. Effect of the Addition of Rice Husks, Banana Rachis and African Palm Kernel Shells on the Properties of Polyisocyanurate Foams

210  Reyna, Espinoza-Andaluz, Rigail. Size Oriented Morphological Properties of Expanded Graphite

Chairs: Rosa Angelica Granizo y Juan Pablo Ugarte

222  Arcentales, Orbe, Alulema, Triviño, Guamán. Design of a MHealth Device for Peak Expiratory Flow Measurement

185  Mejia-Herrera, Márquez-Viloria, Botero-Valencia. Presentation Attack Detection Using Heart Rate from Amplified Color Videos and Pulse Oximeter Information

186  Clotet, Hernández, Huerta, Rivas. Used Scenarios to Validate an Electronic Health Records Synchronization Ecosystem

46  Cortez, Manrique, Villalta Riega. Preventive Depression Diagnosis System for School Students Using Emotion Detection Tools

285  Gomez, Vega, Loza, Sanchez. On the Design of a Low Cost Insulin Dosing System

128  Pereira, Fernandes, Neto, Braz, Sauer. A Comparative Study of Linear Discriminant Analysis and an Artificial Neural Network Performances in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

153  Severeyn, Wong, Herrera, La Cruz, Velasquez, Huerta. Prediction of Abnormal Body Fat Percentage by Anthropometrics Parameters Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve

154  Severeyn, Wong, Herrera, La Cruz, Velasquez, Huerta. Study of Basic Reproduction Number Projection of SARS-CoV-2 Epidemic in USA and Brazil.

Chairs: Mariela Cerrada Lozada y René Vinicio Sánchez

193  Chérrez Barragán, Bolognesi Archilli, Pereira da Silva. Data-Driven Indicators Applied to Power Distribution Systems

35  Conceição, Barros, Haddad, Babu. Passiflora Edulis and Cocos Nucifera Extracts as Light-Harvesters for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

155  Oña Oña, Grijalva Arévalo, Acuña Acurio, Proaño, García. Classification of Fresh Cocoa Beans with Pulp Based on Computer Vision

202  Paredes Calderón, Calderón Merino, Riquelme, Merizalde Jiménez. Multipurpose Unmanned System: An Efficient Solution to Increase the Capabilities of the UAVs

86  Quitiaquez, Calle, Valencia, Quitiaquez. Comparative Analysis Between the Use of Vegetable and Synthetic Oil in CNC Milling Operations

Chairs: Ana Cabrera y Marcelo Pozo.

256  Ruíz-Martínez, Gilardi-Velázquez. Simple Design of a PFC Device Based on Switched Capacitors Using Analog and Digital Circuits

133  Siguencia, Cerrada, Cabrera, Sánchez. SOA Based Smartphone System for the Fault Detection in Rotating Machines

117  Vivert, Ormeno-Mejia, Barzola. DQ Controller for a Grid-Tied Single-Phase Inverter with Harmonics Compensation

Thursday, October 15th

Chairs: Ismael Minchala y Ramiro Velásquez

149  Garzón-Castro, Cardona, Velazquez, Del-Valle-Soto. Intelligent PI Controller for Microalgae Growth in a Closed Photobioreactor

104  Gil, Montoya Giraldo, Serra, Dominguez, Campillo. Predictive Power Control for Electric Vehicle Charging Applications

114  Kang Cardozo, Chaparro Viveros, Martínez Jara. Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for Coordinated Tuning of Exciter Controllers and a Group of Static Var Compensators

111  Maravi, Iparraguirre, Prado. Implementation of a Digital PID Control for the Compensation of Loss Steps from CORE XY 3D Printer Motors Working at High Speeds

94  Montoya Giraldo, Gil, Casilimas, Garces, Garrido. A Convex OPF Approximation for DC Networks Considering Voltage-Dependent Load Models

316  Montoya-Acevedo, Escobar-Mejía, Holguin Londoño. Resonant and Hybrid Voltage Control of an HVDC Terminal Based on Modular Multilevel Converter

42  Pelacini, Silva, Santos, Osinski, Ferrari. Comparative Analysis of PLL Structures in Electric Power System with Load Variations

212  Pereyra Gonzáles, Manzano Ramos. Genetics Algorithms Based PID Tuning Using Elastic Net as Model Structure in Non-Parametric System Identification

Chairs: Roberto Salazar, Neftali Elorza López y Maria Teresa Loya Escalante.


304 . Cardona, Garcia Cena, Martín, Rausell. Actuation System Selection of ALICE Exoskeleton Robot Based on Dynamic Simulation

166 . Cardona, Garzón-Castro, Gutiérrez. Kinematics Solution of the RV-3SB Robot Using Successive Screws

301 . Cardona, Palma, Manzanares. COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Mobile Robotics Market

251 . Carrera, Mena, Arciniega, Padilla, Paredes. Analysis and Evaluation of Sound-Based Positioning Techniques for Short Distances

220 . Escobar, Moyano, Aguirre, Guerra, Allauca, Loza. Multi-Robot Platform with Features of Cyber-physical Systems for Education Applications

Chairs: Angel Torres-Toukoumidis y Jaime Padilla Verdugo.


257 . Loja-Argudo, González-Arias, Robles-Bykbaev, Suquilanda-Cuesta. Intelligent Tutor System to Provide Automated Support to Learning Pre-Reading Concepts for Children from 5 to 7

115 . Nunez, Cornejo-Meza, Sanchez. Comparing Computational Thinking Skills of Engineering Students in Urban and Rural Areas of Peru

15 . Silva, Santos, Pelacini, Osinski, Ferrari. An Educational Low Cost Framework to Assist Learning Process of Fresnel Zones and Basic Radio Link Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

242 . Soa Amendaño-Murrillo, Dután-Gómez, Lema-Condo, Robles-Bykbaev. Personal Robotic Assistants: A Proposal Based on the Intelligent Services of the IBM Cloud and Additive Manufacturing

174 . Soria, Córdova, Camacho, Leica. A Comparison of Different Temperature Control Techniques for a Reactor Station

74 . Torres Toukoumidis, Valle-Razo, De Santis. Gamification in Higher Education Instructors from Ecuador, Spain and Mexico

Chair: Diego Carrión Galarza y Carlos Barrera

224  Arcos Avilés, García Gutierrez, Guinjoan, Ayala, Ibarra, Motoasca, Llanos, Pascual. Fuzzy-Based Power Exchange Management Between Grid-Tied Interconnected Residential Microgrids

219  Ariza, Martinez Santos, Payares, Medina, Dominguez Jimenez, Campillo. A Blockchain Solution for Operational Parameters Monitoring Platform for DC Microgrids

2  de la Rosa, Rios. Minimal Operation Costs OPF for HVDC Grids

236  Garcia Vera, Dufo-Lopez, Diaz Castillo. Optimization and Feasibility of Standalone Hybrid Diesel-PV-Battery Microgrid Considering Battery Technologies

123  Brusil, Arcos, Espín, Velásquez. Analysis of Harmonic Distortion of LED Luminaires Connected to Utility Grid

109  Chinchero, Alonso. Review on DC-DC SIMO Converters with Parallel Configuration for LED Lighting Control

11  Rojas, Sorrentino, Campo, González. Analysis of Time-Current Curves of Non-Conventional Filament Prototypes for Recycled Cut-Out Fuses

Chairs: Eliana Acurio y Luis Miguel Prócel


261  Borja, Toscano, Cardenas, Taco, Trojman, Procel-Moya. 720p-HD Grayscale and Color Images Shape Recognition System Implementation on a FPGA Platform with a 1080pFull-HD HDMI Interface using a Hu Moments Algorithm

269  Fajardo, Paez, Perilla, Jimenez, Morales. Low-Complexity SPICE Analog Behavioral Modeling of the Ideal Battery for System Level Design

294  Granda, Lopez, Sanchez. Design of a Real-Time Simulator for Linear Circuits

159  Oliveira, Cardoso, Pinho, Batista. An Interface with Two-Phase Delay-Insensitive Global Communication for GALS Systems

264  Ramos Incháustegui, Rodríguez, Gutiérrez. Development and Testing of Gateway LoRa for Cloudino IoT Open Source Platform

273  Rodriguez Yarahuaman, Huamaní Navarrete. Design and Simulation of a Digital Filter in Hardware for EEG signals Based on FPGA

265  Trojman, Orozco, Bonilla, Valencia, Borja, Procel-Moya, Taco. Effects of the Technology Scaling down to 28nm on Ultra-Low Voltage and Power OTA Performance Using TCAD Simulations

Chairs: Jorge Sagbay, Roberto García, Gustavo Bravo y Gabriel León


190 . Aguiar, Benavides, Vizcarra Melgar. MP3 Fair Exchange Implementation Based on Reversible Degradation

143 . Cedillo, Bermeo, Piedra-García, Tenezaca-Sari. CloudIoTSecurity: Evaluating the Security in Cloud IoT Applications

157 . Cedillo, Riofrio, Orellana, Prado. A Middleware for Managing the Heterogeneity of Data Provining from IoT Devices in Ambient Assisted Living Environments

84 . Cueva-Sánchez, Coyco-Ordemar, Ugarte. A Blockchain-Based Technological Solution to Ensure Data Transparency of the Wood Supply Chain

27 . Del-Valle-Soto, Velázquez, Garzón-Castro, Valdivia. Energy-efficiency Model for a Smart Building: A Real Application

307 . León-Paredes, Bravo-Quezada, Sacoto-Cabrera, Pizarro-Gordillo, Vintimilla-Tapia, Bravo-Torres, Cabrera-Chica. Virtual Reality and Data Analysis Based Platform for Urban Mobility Awareness as a Tool for Road Education

267 . Mendez Ordóñez, Medina, Ordóñez Morales, López-Nores, Bravo Torres. Road-Mapping to Determine Dangerous Curves

252 . Real, Santamaría, Olmedo. An Architecture for the Implementation of the Ecuadorian Sign Language Into Digital Television System

160 . Subauste, Martínez, Molina. Electronic Medical Records Management in Health Organizations Using a Technology Architecture Based on Blockchain

Chairs: Hector Poveda y Carlos Lozano


156 . Acosta, Grijalva Arévalo, Acuña Acurio, Álvarez. Bilinear and Triangular Spherical Head-Related Transfer Functions Interpolation on Non-Uniform Meshes

230 . Agualimpia, Correa, Páez. Relaxed Optimization Models for Spectrum Auctions

66 . Cadena Muñoz, Rodriguez Martinez, Pedraza Martinez, Paez Parra. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Entropy for Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks

227 . Campillo, Dominguez, Paternina, Arnedo. LoRAWAN Network Coverage Testing Design Using Open-source Low-Cost Hardware

147 . Castillo-Velazquez, Muñoz-Martínez, Díaz-Ramírez, Ordoñez-Morales. Management Emulation for Geant Advanced Network: 2020 Topology under IPv6.

134 . Egas, Gil-Castiñeira, Espinoza. Optimization of Delays and Power Consumption in Large-Scale Linear Networks Using iACK

106 . Haro-Baez, Burbano-Guerrero, Benitez. On the Design of Truncated T-Type Power Dividers for X-Band with SIW Technology

50 . Haro-Baez, Calvache-Espín, Benitez. Design of N-port Radial Dividers in Substrate Integrated Waveguided Technology

Chairs: Diego Cabrera y Angel Gil.

277 . Ayala-Taco, Arcos-Avilés, Ibarra, Carrera. Design of Support Vector Classifier for Identifying the Ignition Phases of an Electronic Ballast HID-MH Lamp

282 . Benalcázar, González, Jaramillo-Yánez, Anchundia, Zambrano, Segura. A Model for Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Electromyography (EMG), Covariances and Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks

205 . Calderon, Pérez, Benitez, Riofrio. Volcanic Seismic Event Classification based on CNN Architectures

102 . Carrera, Lara, Ortiz, Tinoco, León. Target Detection Using Radar Processors Based on Machine Learning

167 . Carrillo, Benitez, Ramon, Pérez. Towards Automatic Classification of Mosquito Species Based on Wing Geometrical Features

108 . Enríquez, Bernal, Benitez, Lara. Classification of Seismic Signals Using Scalogram and Wavelet Based Features

16 . Flores Calero, Espinel Mena, Carrillo Medina, Vizcaíno Espinoza, Gualsaquí Miranda, Gallegos, Ayala. Ecuadorian Traffic Sign Detection Through Color Information and a Convolutional Neural Network

208 . Gómez-Suta, Echeverry-Correa, Soto-Mejía. Strengthening Human-Computer Interfaces: An Automatic Construction and Evaluation of an Annotated Corpus

Friday, October 16th

Chairs: Carlos Merchán, Miguel Solis y Gabriela Garay

216 . Guaman, Arcentales, Triviño, Pico, Nuñez, Suasnavas, Murillo, Illanes. Gas Source Localization of Possible Dangerous Chemical Substances by Combining a Dispersion Map Using Structural Similarity Index

253 . Ibarra, Condor, Martínez, Tipán. Control Reengineering Used for Rehabilitation of Andros Remotec Bomb Disposal Robot

77 . Juarez Mercedes, Vidal Arias, Prado Gardini. Design and Construction of a 6 DOF Robot with Ability to Move the TCP in Continuous Trajectories

131 . Linares, Prado. Real-Time Non-Invasive Leaf Area Measurement Method Using Depth Images

126 . Lucero, Lucero, Ormeno-Mejia, Collaguazo. Automated Aeroponics Vegetable Growing System. Case Study Lettuce.

182 . Matos, Caballa, Zegarra, Aranda, Lizano, Gonzales, Oscanoa, Arce. Three-Fingered Gripper for Multiform Object Grasping with Force Feedback Sensing Control

41 . Orvañanos-Guerrero, Acevedo, Sánchez, Giannoccaro, Visconti, Velazquez. Efficient Balancing Optimization of a Simplified Slider-Crank Mechanism

Chairs: Diego Cabrera y Fannia Pacheco

73 . Llugsi, Fontaine, Lupera, El Yacoubi. Deep Learning to Implement a Statistical Weather Forecast for the Andean City of Quito

206 . Martínez-Mascorro, Ortiz-Bayliss, Terashima-Marín. Detecting Suspicious Behavior on Surveillance Videos: Dealing with Visual Behavior Similarity Between Bystanders and Offenders

191 . Orna, Benitez, Pérez. A Low-Cost Embedded Facial Recognition System for Door Access Control Using Deep Learning

127 . Pelaez, Loayza. A Deep Learning Model to Screen for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) from X-ray Chest Images

239 . Peña, Cerrada, Cabrera, Sánchez. Fast Feature Selection Based on Cluster Validity Index Applied on Data-Driven Bearing Fault Detection

47 . Pineda-Fernández de Córdova, Orozco-Tupacyupanqui. Comprehensive Intelligent Optimization of an N-Element Uniform Linear Array Using Genetic Algorithms and Adaptive Filtering

51 . Ulloa, Vásconez, Benitez, Pérez, Hearn. Hammerhead Shark Detection Using Regions with Convolutional Neural Networks

226 . Valenzuela, Calabrese, Ortiz-Medina, Sanchez. Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Hand-Written Drawings

Chairs: Alex Valenzuela y Wilson Pavón

55  Gil-Gonzalez, Danilo Montoya, Serra, Herrera-Orozco. Adaptive IDA-PBC Applied to On-Board Boost Converter Supplying a Constant Power Load

315  Marin-Hurtado, Gil-Gonzalez, Escobar-Mejía. Adaptive Inertia for a Virtual Synchronous Machine Using an LQR Controller Applicable to a High-Voltage Terminal

235  Ruiz Tipán, Barrera Singaña, Valenzuela. Reactive Power Compensation Using Power Flow Sensitivity Analysis and QV Curves

158  Simba, Quilumba, Granda. Parameter Estimation of a Three-Phase Induction Motor from Direct Starting Stator Transient Measurements

196  Paredes, Molina, Serrano. Improvements in the Voltage Stability of a Microgrid due to Smart FACTS – an Approach from Resilience

137  Encalada-Dávila, Espinoza-Andaluz. Compression Effects on Mass Transport Phenomena in Digitally Generated PEFC Gas Diffusion Layers by Using OpenPNM

255  Uguna, Saquicela, Pinos, Morales. Partial Discharges Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology

Chairs: Mónica Huerta y José Ignacio Castillo.

223  Pillajo, Hincapié. Stochastic Control for a Wireless Network Control System (WNCS)

124  Prado, Chavez, Camacho, Torres-Torriti, Auat. Adaptive Nonlinear MPC for Efficient Trajectory Tracking Applied to Autonomous Mining Skid-Steer Mobile Robots

61  Rojas. Constrained Signal-to-Noise Ratio Stabilization and Tracking for SITO Systems

95  Serra, Magaldi, Gil, Montoya Giraldo. Passivity–Based PI Controller of a Buck Converter for Output Voltage Regulation

172  Soria, Córdova, Camacho, Leica. Experimental Comparison Among Control Strategies for Tracking Trajectories Applied to a Batch Reactor.

45  Torres, Chavez, Aboukheir, Herrera, Prado, Camacho. Anti-Windup Algorithms for Sliding Mode Control in Processes with Variable Dead-Time

Chairs: Neftali Elorza López 

90 . Oña, Vimos, Benalcázar, Cruz. Adaptive Non-linear Control for a Virtual 3D Manipulator

8 . Pardo-Beainy, Bautista, Fonseca. Plum Selection System Using Computer Vision

306 . Romero Sacoto, Merkuryev. Development of a Mathematical Model and Control of a Bipedal Robot

34 . Romo, Velazquez, Del-Valle-Soto, Garzón-Castro. Contactless Environment Map Construction with Ultrasonic Sensors

231 . Torres, Auquilla, Alvarado, Urrea. Control of a Telerobotic System Using Wi-Fi and Kinect Sensor for Disabled People with an Industrial Process

228 . Torres, Toledo, Urgilés, Urrea. Implementation of the Hamming Code for the Detection and Correction of Errors in a Telerobotic System using an Industrial Communication Protocol

135 . Vera, Prado. Synthesis and Optimization of a Needles Robotic Gripper Mechanism for Transplanting Seedlings

Chairs: Victor Ruben Bautista y Camilo Alberto Rivera


24  Cornejo, Perales-Villarroel, Sebastian, Cornejo-Aguilar. Conceptual Design of Space Biosurgeon for Robotic Surgery and Aerospace Medicine

141  Feican, Saquicela, Calle-Siguencia. Kinematic Validation of a Lower Limb Exoeskeleton Using Computer Simulation

28  Gamez, Ciaccia, Ojeda, Iglesias. Dynamic Compression Plate Design for Forearm Fractures Using the Boundary Elements Method

201  Vintimilla, Pintado, Cobos, Ferrandiz. Mechanical Design of a Knee Prosthesis for Transfemoral Amputation

266  Soto, Bermeo, Huerta, Sagbay. Gait Modelling of People with Parkinson’s Disease

198  Tapia, Ciaccia, Iglesias. Compact Transhumeral Prosthesis Mechanism with Integrated Flexo-Extension and Prone-Supination Movements

Chair: Alexander Aguila y Ricardo Haro

200  Maldonado, Gamboa, Abad Torres. Distributed Load-Frequency Control in Power Systems

245  Pavon, Inga, Simani. Optimal Distribution Network Planning Applying Heuristic Algorithms Considering Allocation of PV Rooftop Generation

209  Vasquez, Vasquez. A More Realistic Approach for Electric Power Distribution Networks Design that Considers Existing Electric Infrastructure and Geographic Constraints

271  Fajardo, Paez, Perilla, Casallas. Design Methodology of Class-E Power Amplifier Using Feed Inductance Tuning for High-Efficiency Operation in Wireless Power Transfer Applications

10  Sorrentino, León. Comparison Among Typical Input Signals of Different Types of Power System Stabilizers (PSS)

82  Pinzón Masache, Barrera Singaña. Short-Term Hydrothermal Economic Dispatch Applied on Hydraulic Coupled Power Plants Using Dynamic Programming

9  Sorrentino, Marcano. Experimental Method to Summarize the Effect of Transformer Inrush Currents on a Digital Overcurrent Relay

Chairs: Andrés Navarro y Jose Cely

203 . Herrera-Bustamante, Rodríguez-Ludeña, Correa-Mena, Barragán-Guerrero. Design and Implementation in USRP of a Preamble-Based Synchronizer for OFDM Systems

69 . Jara, Guerrero, Ordoñez Ordoñez, Chasi, Morocho Maita, Peralta. Design of a Flame Fractal Patch Antenna for UWB Applications

233 . Lara, Arellano, Castillo, Topón, Carrera. Source Coding for Text Transmission using a Deep Neural Network as a Lossy Compression Stage

65 . Lara Hernández, Oña Proaño, Carvajal Mora, Orozco Garzón, Frison. Bit Error Rate Evaluation of SCMA in Rician Fading Channels Considering Presence of Co-Cell Interference

60 . Lupera Morillo, Parra López. A Ray-Tracing Simulator for Predicting UHF Signals Propagation in Tunnels (Case Study Metro of Quito)

144 . Osorio, Calle. Planning LoRaWAN Networks including Non-Line-of-Sight Conditions

176 . Salazar, Játiva. Performance Evaluation of a Communication System Simulated at the 28 GHz 5G-mmWave Band

260 . Vaca, Salazar. VXLAN-IPSec Dual-Overlay as a Security Technique in Virtualized Datacenter Environments