ANZCON 2017 - Poster competition

IEEE ANZSCON 2017 invites engineering students (current) to submit 100-word abstracts for a poster & prototype exhibit to be held during the congress to be held at UTS, Sydney, Australia on the 10th-11th of August, 2017.

Several leaders including the president of IEEE will be attending this event. It is a unique opportunity for engineering students to demonstrate their research, projects or business ideas to a community of world-renowned industry experts, faculty and IEEE professionals in addition to fellow students.

There will be separate tracks and prizes for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Participate and WIN exciting Prizes!!!

Important dates for ANZCON Poster competition

  • Expression of interest (EOI) form due by 7th July 2017. 21st of July 2017.
  • Shortlisted poster presenters will be notified by 5pm on Friday 14th July 2017 28th July 2017.
  • Posters will be displayed on 10th August 2017
  • All competitors must register and  present at the Poster Competition on Friday 10th August 2017

Poster topics

 Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • T1: Robotics & Controls
  • T2: AI fundamentals & applications
  • T3: Multimedia and Communication Systems
  • T4: Big Data, Analysis, Predictive Modeling , software development
  • T5: Energy: Waste Management, Alternative Energy
  • T6: Automobile & Urban Planning
  • T7: Wireless Communications
  • T8: Internet of Things

Template and Advice Regarding Posters

A template is provided for the posters. Please note that viewers should be able to read your poster in less than three minutes – if it looks like it will take longer than that, many people won't bother and will choose to move to the next poster instead. Images, diagrams and graphs are a great way to make your research accessible to an audience with a short attention span. Please see below for some examples of research posters.

Research posters will often contain the following sections:

Title; Introduction and objectives (put your research in context, draw the reader in – what are you studying and why is it interesting and important?); Methods (a brief description of how the research was/is being undertaken); Results (usually the biggest section, or maybe a number of sections, unless you are in the early stages of your project and so instead describing the issues that you will be considering); Conclusions (potentially including future directions); References; and Acknowledgements (eg supervisors or colleagues who have provided useful feedback and/or funders). However, if this doesn't suit your research project, you may prefer not to label your poster sections with these headings.

Winner Selection

Posters will be judged by selection committee, which will be notified during the conference. The competition committee, comprising both academic and practitioner members, will evaluate the content and design of all posters. The self-explanatory posters must visually illustrate and briefly explain technical projects or research studies related to the conference theme or other topics related to the field of professional communication or engineering.


The competition committee will notify the winners on 11th August 2017.  First place and second place winners will be awarded cash prizes and certificates. All winning posters will be displayed during the rest of the congress.

Poster submissions

Interested students are required to submit a pdf file of a poster to &

Electronic poster submissions for the competition are due by noon on 7th July 2017. 21st of July 2017.

Posters shortlisted for presentation will be printed at A0 size by the organizing committee and displayed after 12.00 pm on 11th August 2017.




Poster competition prizes

The following prizes will be awarded at the ANZCON

  • Best Undergraduate Project Poster:  $150 + Certificate Award
  • Best Postgraduate (MS/PhD) Research Poster: $150 + Certificate Award
  • 2nd Place Undergraduate Project Poster:  $100 + Certificate Award
  • 2nd Place Postgraduate (MS/PhD) Research Poster: $100 + Certificate Award
  • People’s Choice Undergraduate Project Poster: Certificate Award
  • People’s Choice Postgraduate (MS/PhD) Research Poster: Certificate Award



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