Photonics and Optical Systems


Gustavo A. Aucar

Gustavo A. Aucar

Gustavo A. Aucar is a professor and researcher at Northeast National University, Exact Sciences Faculty (FACENA). His resumé is as follow: Education: 1. Physical Licentiate. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales y Agrimensura, UNNE 1983 2. PhD in Physics. Advisor: Prof Rubén Contreras. UBA. 1991 3. Post Doctorate at the University of Odense, Denmark. Advisor: Prof Jens Oddershede. 1992-1994 4. Fellow of CONICET. Class: Superior 5. Full Professor at Physics Department, FCENA UNNE 6. Visiting professor to the following universities: Odense (DK), Módena (IT), Helsinki, Alberta, Copenhaguen, Madrid, Antioquia. Institutional duties: Head of the Institute of Modeling and Innovative Technology. IMIT. CONICET UNNE. From 2008 Head of CCT Nordeste. CONICET. From April 2014 till April 2017. Head of the doctorate career in Physics at the FCENA UNNE Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. London Argentinian representative of the International Society on Theoretical Chemical Physics Advisor of: . Pregrade assistantship: 22 . Postgraduate fellowship: 18 . Postdocs: 4 . PhD thesis: 12 Articles published in international journals: 80 Books: 1 Chapters of books: 4 Articles of reference: 1. “Recent developments in absolute shielding scales for NMR spectroscopy”. Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy 96, 77 (2019). 2. “Polarization propagator theory and the entanglement between MO excitations”. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (38), 24832-24842 (2018) 3. “The Role of Spin Dependent Terms on the Relationship Among Nuclear Spin-Rotation and NMR Magnetic Shielding Tensors”. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 7, 5188−5192 (2016). 4. “Microsolvation of methylmercury: structures, energies, bonding and NMR constants ( 199 Hg, 13 C and 17 O)”. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 1537 (2016). 5. Perspective: “Toward a QFT-based theory of atomic and molecular properties”. G. A. Aucar. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 4420-4438 (2014). 6. Review: “Polarization propagators: A powerful theoretical tool for a deeper understanding of NMR spectroscopic parameters”. Int. Rev. in Phys. Chem. 29, 1-64 (2010).
Guillermo P. Ortiz

Guillermo P. Ortiz

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Prof. Researcher Guillermo P. Ortiz

He has a degree in Physics from the UBA. Doctor of Science, Physics, from the University Of the State of Mexico and postdoc at the Physics Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and COMEX SA.

Currently, He is Professor of the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Exact, Natural and Surveying Sciences at National University of the Northeast (FaCENA-UNNE). He works on optical properties of inhomogeneous systems using macroscopic response models of metamaterials, algorithm design and experiments on problems of layered systems, photonic crystals and nanostructures. Interdisciplinary projects in granular materials and biological structures.



Guillermo F. Quinteiro

Guillermo F. Quinteiro

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Professor – Researcher at the University of Buenos Aires


  • PHD in Physics
  • Master of Science – Physics
  • BA in Physics


  • [IMIT] Institute of Modeling and Technological Innovation.
  • [CCT CONICET – NORDESTE] CONICET – NORDESTE Scientific Technological Center.
  • [CONICET] National Council for Scientific and Technical Research.


The IEEE Photonics Society acts as the center of a vibrant technical community of more than 100,000 professionals, devoted to transform advances in quantum physics to devices, systems and products that revolutionize our daily lives. Ranging from ubiquitous and economic global communications through fiber optic, lasers for medical and other applications, flat screens, photovoltaic devices for solar energy, to reach LEDs for low-energy lighting, there are innumerable examples of the impact of this topic in the world around us.

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  • Engineering with surface and localized Plasmons
  • Optical communication systems.
  • Optical sensors and Industrial instrumentation.
  • Optics and photonics in Biology and Medicine.
  • Optics and photonics in agriculture industry
  • Other optical and photonic applications, including LED lighting and photovoltaic systems.
  • Photonic transceivers.
  • Programmable optical devices


IDTítulo (Title)Autor (Author)Programa (Track)
14Manufacture of Long Period Fiber Gratings for the Development of Optical SensorsAlustiza, Diego H • Mineo, Marcos • Aredes, Daniel • Vaio, Emanuel • Russo, NélidaOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
43Sensitibity Improvement of an LPG-based Fiber Optic Humidity SensorAlustiza, Diego H • Mineo, Marcos • Russo, Nélida • Aredes, Daniel • Arce, Valeria • Gara, Pedro DavidOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
105Sources of error, artifacts, acceleration and validation of the deconvolution algorithm with super-resolution for microscopy imagesToscani, Micaela • Mazzeo, Alejandro E • Martinez, Sandra • Martinez, Oscar E • Lacapmesure, Axel M • Brinatti Vazquez, Guillermo DOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
111Automatic alignment system for Confocal Photothermal MicroscopyJan, Luis E • Zaldivar Escola, FacundoOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
132Development of an Indoor Hybrid PLC/VLC/IR Communication System based on TCP/IP ModelBanda Sayco, Oswaldo R • Laura Choquehuanca, Gustavo Rubén • Zea Vargas, Miguel Angel • Javier Quispe, Saul Amaru • Pari Pinto, Pablo LizardoOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
171The role of diffraction gratings in a heterodyne detector for low-coherence interferometryCusato, Leslie J. • Torga, Jorge • Morel, EneasOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
285Theoretical study of a low--energy spherical core--shell spacerCuevas, Mauro • Depine, Ricardo AOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
316Design and development of a control system to stabilize the energy of a laser micro-machining systemMartínez Valdivieso, Jeffry Homero • Peyton, Roberto R • Presti, Damian • Videla, Fabian • Torchia, Gustavo AdrianOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
317Manufacture of SiN-based PICs using UV laser direct write lithographyTosi, Mauricio • Fasciszewski, Alejandro • Bulus Rossini, Laureano • Costanzo, PabloOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
318Frequency Multiplier for Pulsed Lasers Using PICBustillos, Marvin • Rinalde, Fabián • Bulus Rossini, Laureano • Costanzo, PabloOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS
319High capacity DP-QPSK optical communication systemMoreno, Juan Lautaro • Costanzo, Pablo • Bulus Rossini, LaureanoOPTICAL SYSTEMS AND PHOTONICS