Resistencia Regional Faculty pertains to National Technological University of Argentina. It will be the venue for the 5th Biennial Congress of the IEEE Argentina Section, ARGENCON 2020. The Resistencia Regional Faculty is a public and free institution of higher education, offering the following degrees: Electromechanical Engineering, Information Systems Engineering and Chemical Engineering. It also offers Bachelor’s Degree in Rural Administration, in addition to the Intermediate Degree in Programming and the Intermediate Degree in Road Safety. In addition, a Bachelor in Educational Technology is offered as an articulation career.

Main Auditorium “Lucio Durañona”. Event: Technical Journeys

Plenary conferences, and keynotes of opening and closing. will be held in the Main Auditorium “Lucio Durañona”, with capacity for 270 seats. The activities carried out there will be broadcasted by live video stream, and some will have simultaneous translation support.

Functional model of vertical elevator, student work.
Introduction to Neural Networks Workshop, offered by Daniela López de Luise, Ph.D., IEEE CIS Argentina 2019 Chair.

During the three days of the ARGENCON congress, the entire building will be available for its activities. Presentation of accepted works will be held in seventeen classrooms, alongside with six computer labs for hands-on workshops and tutorials. In the sports yard, lunch will be offered in two days.

Social activities after annual deliveries of Diplomas.