Chair Co-Chair
Ing. Sergio Sklanny

Ing. Sergio Sklanny
Ing. Sergio Szklanny

Sergio Szklanny is a chemical engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. He is director of SVS Consultores, professor at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional Regional Buenos Aires, responsible for the Automation and Control Group with Industrial Information Technology (ACTII) at the University of Palermo, and editorial coordinator of the AADECA Magazine. With more than forty years of experience, he worked in the areas of processes and instrumentation and control in companies such as CNEA, Techint, UTE Orimas / Roggio, Mc Kee del Plata, and Foxboro Invensys. He was a teacher at the UBA and President of AADECA.
Dr. Ing. Claudio Rosales

Dr. Ing. Claudio Rosales


Dr. Ing. Claudio Rosales
He studied Electronic Engineering at the National University of San Juan (UNSJ, Argentina) obtaining a degree in Electronic Engineering in 2009. He obtained his Doctorate in Control Systems Engineering from UNSJ in 2014, he completed the doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University Federal of Espírito Santo, Brazil, in 2018. He is an assistant researcher at CONICET and a professor at the Institute of Automation, UNSJ-CONICET. His main interests are multi-robot systems control, aerial robotics, non-linear control, and artificial intelligence.


Alfredo E. Lagleyze – CEO

Alfredo E. Lagleyze – CEO

Entrepreneur for 20 years. With experience and knowledge of the engineering world in the management of industrial assets. Provides the direction of Products and Services for Industry 4.0 in LATAM.

Ing. Mariano Schister

Ing. Mariano Schister

Electrical Engineer, with a degree in Electrical Power Systems and later in Electromechanical Constructions. He has an International Postgraduate Degree in Electricity Markets and Natural Gas and is a Professor with a teaching degree to pursue a career at all levels of teaching. He is a University Professor from 1998 to date, in the chairs of Energy Market and Final Project of several National Universities. He Academic and professional researcher in the sector since 1999, to date. He worked in various multinationals in the electricity generation and manufacturing sector, in the country and abroad, as well as in various energy consulting firms. He managed and directed commercial technical teams throughout his career. He is an independent consultant for different entities in the energy sector, speaking and publishing technological and regulatory content of interest to the sector. He is Operational Director of ItresE for the American continent.


Fields of interest in this program lie in theory, design, optimization, and applications of dynamic systems and control, including: elements of detection, communication, decision, and action components, as relevant for the analysis, desing and operation of dynamic systems and control. Considered systems include: entidades tecnológicas, físicas, biológicas, económicas, organizativas y de otro tipo, y sus combinaciones. Considered systems include: technological, physical, biological, economic, organizational and other entities, and their combinations. There is a centrality in theoretical and technological foundations of the discipline.

Regarding robotics, IEEE understands the development and exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of robotics and automation, including applied and theoretical subjects. It focuses on the kinematics, dynamics and control of robots, and intelligent machines and systems.

For this topic, the following subtopics are suggested. Please note that you may send your paper beyond the scope of this list. To submit the paper follow the instructions Tutorial for Paper Submissions


Automatización y Control

  • Advanced and Intelligent Control
  • Automatic Control Systms
  • Control Education
  • Control Theory
  • Fault Detection and Identification
  • Industrial Applications of Control Systems
  • Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
  • Non-Linear Control
  • Other Automation and COntrol Systems
  • Process Control
  • Process Monitoring
  • Systems Identification


  • Algorithms for Planning and Controlling Robot Movements
  • Bio Robotics
  • Checking of Autonomous Systems
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Cyborg and Bionic Systems
  • Smart Buildings
  • Evaluation of Performance and Comparative Evaluation of Robotic and Autonomous Systems
  • Robot Ethics
  • Digital Manufacturing and Human-centered Automation
  • Software Engineering for Robotics and Automation
  • Human-robot Interaction and Coordination
  • Full Body Control
  • Robot Mechanisms and Designs
  • Micro / Nano Robotics and Automation
  • Model-based Optimization for Robotics
  • Robotics and Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • Robotics Agricola and Automation
  • Space Robotics
  • Robotics Humanoid
  • Marine Robotics
  • Surgical Robotics
  • Robotics and Automation in Nuclear Facilities
  • Robot Learning
  • Safety and Robotic Rescue
  • Autonomous Terrestrial Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems





407 Design and simulation of a path decision algorithm for a labyrinth robot using neural networks Jessica Balseca, Kleber Patiño and Danilo Chavez
944 New method for estimating the parameters of overdamped second-order dynamical systems Jesús Barrera
1140 Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Approach for an Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller in a pH Neutralization Reactor Sebastian Estrada, Jorge Espin, Diego Benitez and Oscar Camacho
1542 WING: Visual Support Device For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Álvaro Costa, Oriana Comesanha, Hugo Silva, Amanda Fernandes and Raphael Comesanha
1547 Sistema de seguimiento de antena para UAV Carlos Catuogno, Guillermo Catuogno, Guillermo Garcia and Jonathan Bosso
2070 Making a double pendulum walk: from compass- to whip-like gait Felipe Cinto, Matías Nacusse and Hernan Haimovich
2768 PID based on Sliding Mode Control Design from a Reduced Order Model: A Practical Evaluation Daniel Santacruz and Oscar Camacho
3190 Multi-model Inferential Sensor Applied to a Simulated Process for the Continuous Production of Rubber Latex Mariano Miguel Perdomo, Carlos Ignacio Sanseverinatti, Luis Alberto Clementi and Jorge Ruben Vega
3888 Algoritmo de calibración y compensación para manipuladores robóticos seriales Martín Oviedo, Alfredo Jurek and Damián Oliva
4653 Hybrid Controller based on Linear Algebra and Sliding Mode Control for Nonlinear Chemical Processes Jorge Uribe and Oscar Camacho
5388 Model-Based Design and Implementation of Dynamic Controller for Autonomous Guidance of a Scale Automobile Guillermo Rolle, Matías Nacusse, Martín Crespo and Sergio Junco
6169 Feedback Linearization Control of a Dual Active Bridge Converter Feeding a Constant Power Load Federico Rodríguez, Daniel Oscar Garrido, Rubén Orlando Núñez, Germán Gustavo Oggier and Guillermo Oscar García
6285 Sliding Mode Control Applied to a Pasteurization Plant: A Performance Evaluation Jorge Espin, Sebastian Estrada, Luis Caiza, Omar Aguirre, Diego Benitez and Oscar Camacho
6683 Desde automatización de FDM 3D hacia Autonomación Dinámica (Jidoka) Jorge Bauer and Felix Cuello
6825 Control Inteligente vs. LPV: Comparación aplicada a un quadrotor de dos brazos Reurison Rodrigues, Alejandro Ghersin and Juan Giribet
7484 Support Vector Machine for Detection and Classification of Fault in Data Sensors of Continuous Processes Carlos I. Sanseverinatti, Mariano M Perdomo, Luis A. Clementi and Jorge R. Vega
7816 Navigation Guided by Visual Markers and Path Planning for Mobile Robots in Confined Environments Fernando A. Chicaiza, Jeremías Gaia, Carlos Soria and Emanuel Slawiñski
8040 Formación basada en Control en el Espacio del Cluster de un ASV y un UAV para monitoreo de cuencas fluviales Leonardo Garberoglio, Patricio Moreno, Ignacio Mas and Juan Ignacio Giribet
9703 A DMC implementation for a binary distillation column: a MIMO approach Elena Villalobos Herra and Mercedes Chacon-Vasquez
9830 Sliding Mode Control of Dual Active Bridge Converter with Resistive and Constant Power Load Daniel Oscar Garrido, Federico Rodriguez, Christian Buzzio, Jonathan Emmanuel Bosso, Germán Gustavo Oggier and Guillermo Oscar García