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Mgter. Ing. Gilda R. Romero

Mgter. Ing. Gilda R. Romero

Mgter. Ing. Gilda R. Romero
Information Systems Engineer | Master in Quality Engineering MBA in Innovation Management in Science and Technology and Specialist in Education and New Technologies.
She is a consultant in Quality, Innovation and Software for technology companies and a senior facilitator in skills training for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. She has more than 15 years of experience in the practice of the profession, nationally and internationally.
She is an Articulator of the Knowledge Economy and a member of the Network of SME Experts and the Ministry of Production of the Nation.
She is a founding member of the Chaco Technological Pole and the Girls Technologies + ideas + NEA Science initiative.
Since 2000 she has been a professor at the National Technological University-FRRe and since 2017 she has been a research professor at the University of the Cuenca del Plata.
Mgter. Ing. Claudia Screpnik

Mgter. Ing. Claudia Screpnik

Mgter. Ing. Claudia Screpnik
Information Systems Engineer | Mgter in Education Virtual Environments, Universidad de la Patagonia Austral | Mgter in Strategic Management Specialty in Information Technology Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana | PhD Student in Educational Technology University of the Balearic Islands | PhD student in Computer Science UNNE-UNAM-UTN.
He worked for 15 years as an auditor in the Court of the Province of Chaco, reaching the position of Fiscal Auditor in Accounts Trial, Director level. Since August 2019, he has been working as an independent consultant in the formulation of digital strategies and investment projects.
Since 1995 she has been a professor at the National Technological University-FRRe and since 2017 she has been a professor at the University of the Cuenca del Plata and the National University of the Northeast-FCA and since October 2021 as Academic Undersecretary.


PhD. Silvia García de Cajen

PhD. Silvia García de Cajen

Doctor from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC – Spain). Electromechanical Engineer from Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN – Argentina). Labor Engineer from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Regional Pacheco (UTN – Argentina). Specialist in the Teaching of Experimental Sciences. Former Director of the Technological Institute of Higher Education. Full-time Professor and Researcher at UNICEN’s Faculty of Engineering. Director of the PICTO-GENDER Project called "Good Practices for the mainstreaming of the gender perspective in public policies, with an impact on engineering training" in a jointed network of the Faculties of Engineering run by UNICEN, Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM), Universidad Fraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Tomás de Aquino (FASTA), and Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI). Co-founder of the ‘Women in Engineering Group’ (MIFIO) at UNICEN. Referent Member of the Faculty of Engineering of UNICEN in the Commission of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Federal Council of Deans of Engineering (CONFEDI). Coordinator of the Research Committee for the ‘Matilda and Women in Engineering Latin American Open Cathedra’. Author of books, book chapters, and national and international publications.


The Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering program has its counterpart with IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE).

For this topic, the following subtopics are suggested. Please note that you may send your paper beyond the scope of this list. To submit the paper follow the instructions Tutorial for Paper Submissions.


  • Good leadership practices for women in science, technology, and innovation
  • Reflections on the feminization of enrollment and the changes that this has implied in university policies
  • Institutional programs to promote science, technology, and innovation in IES
  • Actions to promote the presence of women in science and technology
  • Institutional policies that promote the participation of women and girls in science and technology
  • Redesigning Higher Education: training for innovation with equity, interculturality, and inclusion
  • Challenges for an education in diversity: strategies to improve the promotion of ethical respect for people





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