Dr. Ing. Emanuel Serrano

Dr. Ing. Emanuel Serrano
Dr. Ing. Emanuel Serrano
Emanuel Serrano is an Electronics Engineer received in 2009 from the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of San Juan, and a Doctor in Control Systems Engineering received from the same Faculty in 2014. In 2016 he entered the CONICET scientific career as a Researcher Assistant and in 2019 he was promoted to Associate Researcher of CONICET, a position which he currently holds. He has published 1 book in SPRINGER NATURE, 30 articles in indexed international journals, and has more than 25 publications in National and International conferences, all previous results related to process control and automation, areas in which he has worked during his career. investigator. In the area of Institutional Management, he served in the period 2016-2021 as Departmental Counselor of the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Engineering and as Head of the Department from 2021 to the present.


The IEEE Photonics Society acts as the center of a vibrant technical community of more than 100,000 professionals, devoted to transform advances in quantum physics to devices, systems and products that revolutionize our daily lives. Ranging from ubiquitous and economic global communications through fiber optic, lasers for medical and other applications, flat screens, photovoltaic devices for solar energy, to reach LEDs for low-energy lighting, there are innumerable examples of the impact of this topic in the world around us.

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  • Engineering with surface and localized Plasmons
  • Optical communication systems
  • Optical sensors and Industrial instrumentation
  • Optics and photonics in Biology and Medicine
  • Optics and photonics in agriculture industry
  • Other optical and photonic applications, including LED lighting and photovoltaic systems
  • Photonic transceivers
  • Programmable optical devices





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