Similarity, plagiarism and self-plagiarism

Since IC_ASET will be submitted to IEEE Xplore which policy requires all IEEE content to be screened for possible plagiarism, IC_ASET 2020 has access to the CrossCheck database and has scanned all submitted papers.
Read more about the CrossCheck initiative to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism at


Similarity scores and scan reports are generated by an external provider and not by the conference. Please check the on-line report to understand how the similarity score was determined and which sections of your paper may need changes. Note that to be submitted to IEEE Xplore, the overall similarity rate of a paper should not exceed 30 percent, and the similarity rate to a single source should not exceed 10 percent. The score and report are provided to assist you in revising your manuscript, if necessary. The conference will not be able to provide you a score or a report for the revised manuscript.

You have to remove, replace, rewrite, redraw the content (text, figures, tables)  if any, from already published sources.  (See your similarity report sent with reviews)

Nothing is to be done on reference section. Anyhow, full sentences or paragraphs highlighted in the plagiarism report is to be removed or rewritten using new sentences.