2019 IEEE-NIST Global Blockchain Summit

16-19 September 2019
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

More information on the 2019 summit coming soon



At last year’s summit, we explored the following areas:


Blockchain technologies has been a rapidly evolving field. Organizations have been moving away from the questions of “what is it?” and “how can I use it?” to a deeper understanding of how the technology can benefit them – or is how blockchain technology may not be a good fit for their business. This change in conversation shows the beginnings of the maturation of the technology as it moves away from being the new technology to use everywhere, to a more selectively used technology.

However, because there was a rush to apply blockchain there is no shortage of platforms available for use, from cryptocurrencies to business focused blockchain networks.

This session will provide overview talks on the evolution of blockchain technologies and the conversations surrounding them. This session will also have discussions from some blockchain platform creators.


Applications/Use Cases and Special Programs

As organizations continue to gain deeper understanding of blockchain technologies, they are looking at business processes which may benefit. While not a complete solution onto themselves, blockchain technology may provide a key component to an application. Many companies have found the use of blockchain technologies have provided benefits to their business.

There are many potential use cases which have been proposed, some of which have been investigated and proof of concept and pilots have been started; however, there are many use cases which are still being explored.

This session will discuss current applications utilizing blockchain technologies as well as potential use cases.



Blockchain technologies are being investigated for use in many sectors. As its use grows, several questions will be asked: What policies and regulations are no longer applicable? What new policies and regulations must be drafted and adopted? From implications an immutable ledger holds on privacy aspects, to the ever-growing world of cryptocurrencies and financial implications they bring. This session will discuss the overall implications that blockchain technologies have on existing policies and regulations, the approaches to mitigating them, as well as the need for additional policies and regulations.

IEEE Global Blockchain Summit