About DMC

The goal of DMC is to promote new techniques and design methodologies in power electronics. It will give us a possibility to identify the challenges that are awaiting us and to discuss the potential of these new design and analysis paradigms in Power Electronics.

The IEEE DMC will bring together the professionals from industry and research institutions with experience in both Power Electronics, Design Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security to present and discuss their opinion, experience, needs and vision of future. They will jointly contribute to the effort to identify methodologies and tools that have been developed and used to resolve the issues during design and optimization of modern power electronics components and systems, and propose new solutions in these emerging fields.

Through expert discussions, tutorials, technical and poster presentations, the IEEE DMC will help to the power electronics community by:

  • clearly identifying the potential, challenges and risks that Design Automation and Artificial Intelligence methodologies bring in the field of Power Electronics
  • explaining the importance of the Cyber security in this field, and presenting the latest research results
  • helping the power electronics community to understand the limits of the current methodologies and tools and pave the way to the advanced design and analysis approaches
  • supporting, encouraging and inspiring the researchers in these emerging power electronics disciplines

The participants will have a great opportunity to learn and exchange ideas through organized virtual and presence based discussions and events during which they will have an opportunity to ask and discuss with the distinguished speakers and industry participants. This new conference provides a unique opportunity to engineers, researchers, students, and other professionals to learn how to leverage design automation techniques to optimize their power electronics system (in efficiency, size, thermal performance etc.), how to identify and understand the design limits imposed by the currently available technology and to learn which tools are suitable for design optimization and automation.

DMC 2021 will provide:

  • Presentations of peer-reviewed technical papers covering a wide range of topics
  • An exposition where the attendees will be able to see, personally and virtually, the latest industry products and designs
  • A venue to network and enjoy the company of fellow power electronics professionals in a beautiful setting.