Cyber Security in an Automotive World

Date: July 15th 2021 – 03:45 PM to 04:30 PM BST



The presentation will start with a brief look at in-vehicle networks and a high level view of a traditional vehicle network topology, including arrangement of ECUs and types of communications. We will then look at the attack surface of a modern vehicle and delve into a few recent high profile automotive hacks from recent years. Finally we will look at how vehicle cyber security is being improved and the impact of incoming regulation on the industry.


Peter is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at McLaren Automotive. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath and then moved into the world of cybersecurity, with experience ranging from cybersecurity of traditional IT architectures through to IoT and more bespoke solutions.

He currently works with stakeholders across business functions and levels, focussing on vehicle technologies to recognise cybersecurity risks, identify opportunities and implement solutions against a backdrop of increasingly complex systems and an ever changing threat landscape.

Peter Morton,
McLaren Automotive,
Woking, UK