Building a Technology Ethics Community: An Open Forum
Saturday, May 20, 10:30 am – Noon

This session will be an open forum where audience members will be invited to participate in discussions of a number of themes with relevance to ethics and technology and to future conferences in the IEEE ETHICS series. Depending on attendance, the discussions may take place in small groups.

Thomas Creely, Director, Ethics and Emerging Military Technology Graduate Program, U.S. Naval War College
Heather Love, English Language and Literature, University of Waterloo
Jason Borenstein, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech
Ketra Schmitt, Concordia University

Scribe: Marc Cheong, Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne

Theme 1 – Topics
• What are the most pressing concerns at the intersection of ethics and technology today?

• Which ethics topics or issues would you like to see discussed at future versions of the IEEE ETHICS conference?

Theme 2 – Barriers
• What do you think are the main barriers that prevent technology ethics from being addressed correctly or comprehensively?

• What do you think are the main barriers that prevent relevant stakeholders from joining together to address technology ethics?

Theme 3 – Community Building
• Which general types of groups or communities are you most interested in hearing from at the IEEE ETHICS conference? For example, from academics or industry practitioners

• Do you have recommendations for how we can better engage with these groups or communities in the future?

Theme 4 – Activities
• What types of activities would you most like to see at future versions of the IEEE ETHICS conference?

• Outside of conferences, what other types of ethics activities would you like IEEE SSIT to offer?