Ambassadors Program

Smart Cities Week

Within the scope of the Marketing Committee of the IEEE Smart Cities community, the Ambassadors program was created in 2021, and will have its first edition in March 2022, in the upcoming event entitled Smart Cities Week. The Ambassadors program also has the participation and support of the Conferences & Events Committee and the Education Committee, in a joint effort to create a group of volunteers focused on the topic of smart cities and interested in collaborating and disseminating the IEEE Smart Cities community and its initiatives.
Yearly, a week in the month of March will be dedicated to various events organized by the Ambassadors, with technical, scientific, and humanitarian content, around the main verticals of smart cities: water, waste, transportation, healthcare, food, and energy. Some other events might also occur in other weeks of the month of March, in case one week is not enough.

Ambassadors’ Benefits

Teamwork: individual growth implies being part of a team that works together, critically, and always with a spirit of continuous improvement. As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to work with a motivated and aligned team.

Technical skills: the members of the smart cities’ community are undoubtedly people of recognized experience in the different verticals of smart cities, contributing to the high technical quality of the events.  As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to get feedback from members so that the technical component of your event is enhanced.

Become a leader: a leader is someone who takes a challenge in their hands, manages, and motivates a set of people to make their common goal a reality. As an ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your leadership skills, managing your team to bring a change-generating event to life.

Networking: supported by a community with a worldwide presence, you will have the opportunity to create an event where you will have the opportunity to reinforce your networking. Additionally, you will interact with other ambassadors and with the Ambassadors program organization team.

Mentoring: if you are a student, you will benefit from an academic mentor who will guide and advise you so that you can have the desired success in your insertion within the IEEE Smart Cities community, creating the necessary leverage for your personal and professional development.

Visibility & Recognition: this program aims to give greater visibility to the Smart Cities community and all its ambassadors. The hierarchical structure presupposes Regional and Section Ambassadors, named among the ambassadors with the best performance.

Organizing Team

Sara Paiva

Program Chair

Rosaldo Rossetti

Academia Coordinator

Sarthak Shah

Outreach Coordinator

Stefano Loss

Publicity Coordinator

Gustavo Giannattasio

Education Committee Liaison

Victor Larios

Conferences & Events Committee Liaison

Larissa Paredes Muse

Marketing Committee Chair

Rolland Vida

Conferences & Events Committee Chair

Wei-Jen Lee

Education Committee Chair

Criteria for being an Ambassador

The following criteria must be met for applying to being an IEEE Smart Cities Ambassador:

  • Be an IEEE member;
  • Be a member of one the Smart Cities Community six sponsoring societies;
  • Prior involvement with the Smart Cities Community.
  • Previous volunteering experience
  • Should be dedicated to work for 2-4 Hours a week

The following condition will also be valued:

  • Previous experience in organizing events.

If you meet the conditions, fill this form ( to apply for being an Ambassador and be a part of Smart Cities Week 2022.

Ambassadors’ Expectations

Members of the Ambassadors Program will be key players in the worldwide recognition of the SC community, contributing to its continued expansion. Through the events they organize, the Ambassadors encourage the sharing and transfer of knowledge in key SC verticals. Among its main contributions, the following stand out:

  • Propose events for the Smart Cities Week, every year, in a topic associated to SC verticals
  • Assure the quality of the event through the invitation of high-quality experts only
  • Contribute to the worldwide dissemination of the event
  • Promote the visibility of the SC community in the Social Media Channels, sharing the latest events
  • Be assiduous and punctual at all meetings scheduled in the scope of the program
  • Respect and honor the IEEE conduct

Important dates

  • The Call for Ambassadors will be open from September 7th, 2021, to October 15th, 2022.
  • On November 22nd notifications of accepted Ambassadors will be sent to all applicants.
  • The Ambassadors Kick-Off meeting should happen in the last week of November.
  • Event proposals for the Smart Cities Week should be submitted until the end of December 2021.
  • Acceptance of event proposals will be sent until the end of January 2022.
  • Smart Cities Week events will take place during the entire month of March 2022
  • Report delivery shall be made until the end of April
  • Region and Section Ambassadors shall be announced by the 3rd week of June 2022 and join the Organizing Team of the Ambassadors Program.


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