Tools in the cloud for the Smart Cities Data fabric to manage complexity in the smart governments

In the vision of smart cities, we need to break the silos in the different agencies of the city and enable a multidisciplinary collaboration.

We propose a set of tools in the IBM Cloud using Data pack as one example of how to engage collaboration among data scientists in the city’s different agencies to break the silos and enable reliable data assets from the urban environment. For example, we show a use case to empower/enhance/enable the Smart government with this technology processes for better efficiency.

-Define Data fabric concept in Smart Cities.

-Data is the fuel. All type of data is created in cities (via sensors- IoT or digital processes). How can we analyze that data?

A discussion will be open at the end of the tutorial on other ecosystems and technologies in the smart cities that can benefit from this approach (Data Ops, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Public policy developments, Data-Driven Decision Making)

Smart cities practitioners, Data Scientist, Chief Information officers at government, Digital transformation agencies, Smart cities labs, Students interested in the smart cities topic.


Barbara Baena

Barbara Baena

University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Barbara Baena studied engineer career in Computer Sciences at the University of Guadalajara. Currently, she supports the Procurement process at the Chief Information Office team on the IBM Mexico organization, which focuses on the correct implementation of new strategies using NEW technology like Artificial Intelligence & IBM Watson services.

She leads IBM Mexico Technical Community from 2015-2018 at IBM Mexico, transforming into a collaborative team focused on generating Technical eminence on its members. She was pointed as an IBM Academy of Technology member in 2015. She had studied two master’s degrees in Information technology at the University of Guadalajara and a 2nd in e-commerce at Tecnologico de Monterrey. She got her master’s degree in e-commerce in December 2008. She is currently studying for her Information Technology Ph.D. at the University of Guadalajara. Her research is related to Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence implementation at the Enterprise level.

She is Co-Funder Smarter Cities Exploration Center with the University of Guadalajara in Nov 2011. Her primary focus was to develop technical skills at the Ph.D. level with projects related to Mobile, Cloud, and analytics. She loves to travel with her family, Rafael, her partner in life, and her two teenagers Braulio and Lia, around Mexico. She enjoys walking in the forest and swimming.

Armando Zavala

Armando Zavala

UNIVA University

Armando Zavala studied an engineering degree in mechatronics at UNIVA University. He currently supports the development of cloud infrastructure for the Procurement Process in the Information Office team of the IBM Mexico organization. He started at IBM as a student from 2018 to 2019, to later be hired as a software developer, working with technologies and programming languages such as python, node js, Kubernetes, Docker.
In 2020 he focused his career to be an infrastructure engineer having experience in Hybrid Cloud, IBM Cloud, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Microservices, Jenkins, Travis CI, Tool Chain, Red Hat Enterprise, Cloud Pak for Data. He as well as develop new skills and strategies aligned to the business that generate value.

Josue Gutierrez

Josue Gutierrez

Universidad del Valle de México

Josue Gutierrez studied computer systems engineering at the Universidad del Valle de México. He currently works as a developer in the CIO team in the IBM Mexico organization. He works in the development of different projects, which help the implementation of new strategies using new technologies, one of them is CP4D, which is certified by it and works with it together with other technologies to create different projects that generate value.