Long Title: Design Research, Care Ethics, and Socio-Technical Challenges

Speaker: Gisele Waters

Affiliation: Design Run Group – Chief of Service Development and Operations (3rd Venture Start-Up called BioMirror Inc.)

Other Affiliations:

  • Symbiotica LLC (Innovation Research Consultancy), Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University
    Chair,  IEEE-SA Working Group, P3119 AI Public Procurement Standard
    Design Run Group  A Public Benefit Corp focused on Human Centered Design and a Venture Studio for Better Health
    ForHumanity Fellow Engaging in the independent audit of corporations that develop artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.
    Founder of Engineering Hearts®

Even when the best of mission-driven organizations come together to build partnerships that aim to serve vulnerable populations, constraints such as available funds, time, human resources, internal politics and contradicting value systems get in the way of what can be possible.  The redesign to age-appropriate services in particular will be even more challenging due to the struggle for power between efficiency and quality and how their functions are operationalized when aiming to meet the developmental needs of children. But when addressing children’s needs as a vulnerable population, perhaps human centered design can aspire to help bridge the gaps between what is and what could be.  Solving the right problem, a human centered design principle, is a good start. The reality is every calibrated change in the way organizations provide technology products and services to children will be a daily struggle. Every centimeter gained will be a deliberation of how to co-create and operationalize together in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Researcher by training, now a care service operator, she challenges the engineering and the heart of what it takes to help care for the vulnerable using human centered first principles and practices. Gisele also teaches Methods of Inquiry and Chairs the research of doctoral candidates as Adjunct Faculty at the Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice at Nova Southeastern University.