Speaker: Raj Sachdev

Affiliation: Course Facilitator, Cornell University (eCornell)

Title: Legal Concepts in Digital Privacy for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has raised new technical, privacy and legal considerations. While many ways to provide value through social media marketing are available, marketers often struggle to navigate the complex legal framework relating to digital privacy. This talk will look at key legal issues raised by digital privacy for social media marketing. Not only is it important to build in privacy, it is also important to understand applicable law while taking advantage of all that social media marketing has to offer. Key strategies will be analyzed.

Dr. Raj Sachdev has over 25 years of industry and academic experience and is an eCornell course facilitator. A graduate of Oxford University, he is a former visiting researcher at UC Berkeley and former instructor at Stanford CSP and Oxford University. He is a licensed attorney in California and holds several degrees and professional certifications spanning marketing, business, law and technology. His research and speaking intersects these fields. A Tedx and AMA Keynote speaker, he has also guest spoken at major institutions and industry conferences/events. He is a forthcoming author of a Digital Marketing textbook with McGraw Hill.