Invited Speaker

Privacy Preserving Age Verification

Speaker: Deepak Tewari
Affiliation: Privately SA
So many legislations/ initiatives regarding age gating and online safety have been stifled because the debate around both these themes is framed as a conflict with data privacy and individual rights. Companies like Privately have solved this problem by allowing accurate age …

Data Privacy and Pernicious Persuasion

Speaker: Christine T. Dee
Affiliation: IBM
As our lives become increasingly digitized and connected we emit increasing amounts of data. Our general thinking is to protect our data from bad actors such as cyber criminals, hackers, or those who might exploit or personal information to cause us …

The Case for Public Ownership of Twitter

Long Title: The Case for Public Ownership of Twitter: the Future of Digital Services, Civic Participation, and the Dissemination of Techno-Scientific Knowledge
Speaker: Gregg P. Zachary
Affiliation: Independent Researcher
Other Affiliation: 
Previously Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, chief reporter to Silicon Valley for …

Gender-based Abuse in Social Media

Long Title: Navigating Privacy and Safety Dilemmas Related to Gender-based Abuse in Social Media
Speaker: Toby Shulruff
Affiliation: The National Network to End Domestic Violence (USA)
Gender-based abuse on social media platforms is both a deeply personal problem, and public one. The design of online communities and tools to …

Dealing with Complexity

Long Title: Dealing with Complexity and the Hope to Build Better Technology
Speaker: Patrick Scannell
Affiliation: Technestar LLC, Principal
Today’s tech is characterized by rapidly accelerating complexity, both in the densely layered technology itself, but also in the increasingly hyper-specialised people who are needed to build it. But each …

Coolabilities and Digital Privacy

Long Title: Coolabilities and Digital Privacy co-advocate to reveal wild new futures, connections, and opportunities for all on the neurodivergent spectrum
Speaker: Cyndi Coon
Affiliation: CEO, Laboratory5, Inc.
Other Affiliations: Threatcasting Lab, Arizona State University / Applied Futures Lab / People Centered Internet (PCI) Board of Directors
Digital privacy is often …

Andreas Sjöström

Title: TBC
Affiliation: Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Lead
Abstract: TBC
Leading the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Capgemini’s flagship innovation space. International experience as CTO of Capgemini Scandinavia, member of Sweden and Scandinavia country boards. Digital transformation and innovation advisor for key accounts in …