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Legal Concepts in Digital Privacy for Social Media Marketing

Speaker: Raj Sachdev
Affiliation: Course Facilitator, Cornell University (eCornell)
Title: Legal Concepts in Digital Privacy for Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has raised new technical, privacy and legal considerations. While many ways to provide value through social media marketing are available, marketers often struggle to navigate the …

The Data Within

Long Title: The data within: raising awareness of data ethics for young person
Speaker: Genevieve Smith-Nunes
Affiliation: University of Cambridge

Using the computing classroom to raise awareness of data within the sphere of social media interactions and data sharing. How can educators and others aid young people in …

On giants: privacy redux

Speaker: Nicole Stephensen
Affiliation: IIS Partners
Nicole Stephensen considers privacy as we move through the 4th Industrial Revolution, where our vantage point is beneath the feet of digital, tech and social media Giants. What are the privacy challenges? And where are the opportunities to innovate for better …

Post-pandemic iGen and Alpha Behaviours on Social Media

Long Title: Post-pandemic iGen and Alpha behaviours on social media – the good, the bad, and the ugly
Speakers: Zeenath Reza Khan
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)
Safety in the digital space is a multi-faceted concept which is often misunderstood or mismanaged. iGens and …

Why is Digital Privacy in Social Media Important for our Future?

Speaker: Roberto Saracco
Affiliation: IEEE Future Directions
Title: Why is Digital Privacy in Social Media Important for our Future?
Roberto leads the IEEE Future Directions that has incorporated Digital Privacy into its mission.
Roberto Saracco fell in love with technology and its implications long time ago. His background is …

Young People’s Concerns on the Collection and Use of Geolocation Data

Speaker: Rys Farthing
Children and young people are now ‘datafied’ before they are even born; from pregnancy apps and heartbeat monitors to ultrasounds shared on social media, their data is extracted and shared before they even take their first breath. This data collection continues throughout …

Privacy Preserving Age Verification

Speaker: Deepak Tewari
Affiliation: Privately SA
So many legislations/ initiatives regarding age gating and online safety have been stifled because the debate around both these themes is framed as a conflict with data privacy and individual rights. Companies like Privately have solved this problem by allowing accurate age …

The Case for Public Ownership of Twitter

Long Title: The Case for Public Ownership of Twitter: the Future of Digital Services, Civic Participation, and the Dissemination of Techno-Scientific Knowledge
Speaker: Gregg P. Zachary
Affiliation: Independent Researcher
Other Affiliation: 
Previously Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, chief reporter to Silicon Valley for …

Gender-based Abuse in Social Media

Long Title: Navigating Privacy and Safety Dilemmas Related to Gender-based Abuse in Social Media
Speaker: Toby Shulruff
Affiliation: The National Network to End Domestic Violence (USA)
Gender-based abuse on social media platforms is both a deeply personal problem, and public one. The design of online communities and tools to …

Artificial Workers on Social Media

Speaker: Darren Culbreath

Interactive session to help understand the current thinking concerning Artificial Workers. Darren asserts that Artificial Workers are different that bots and are needed in our culture to meet the high demands of productivity. He defines Bots to be programs that are meant to …