Poster Session Monday 10.10.2016

Poster numberPaper & Authors
PM01Analysis of a Disturbance Localization Method for Incidents in Continental Europe
Anatoli Semerow, Andreas Miltner, Stefan Horn, Robert Dimitrovski, Matthias Luther
PM02Energy-Intensive Manufacturing Enterprises as Active Players in Demand Side Management System
Konstantin Suslov, Elena Stashkevich, Vladimir Stepanov, Zbigniew Styczynski, Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Nikolai Voropai
PM03Steady-State PMU Compliance Test under C37.118.1a-2014
Radu Ghiga, Qiuwei Wu, Kenneth Martin, Walid El-Khatib, Lin Chen, Arne-Hejde Nielsen
PM04A Unified Three-Phase Branch Model for Distribution System State Estimation
Urban Kuhar, Jurij Jurse, Kemal Alic, Gorazd Kandus, Ales Svigelj
PM05Advanced Model of Static Var Compensators for Power Flow Calculations
Martin Ostermann, Wolfram Wellßow, Hendrik Acker, Willi Heckmann, Dirk Cremer
PM06Power System State Estimation Using Wire Temperature Measurements for Model Accuracy Enhancement
Michal Wydra, Piotr Kacejko
PM07Traffic Flow Calculation Method for Substation Communication Network
Peng Xie, Zexiang Cai, Caishan Guo, Ping Liu, Zexing Chen, Yongjun Zhang, Yongxia Han
PM08Novel Method for Modeling Slot Harmonics in Induction Machines based on Block Matrix Inversion
Robert Dimitrovski, Matthias Luther
PM09Investigation on Different Negative Sequence Current Control Options for MMC-HVDC During Single Line to Ground AC Faults
Aji Hariadi, Mario Ndreko, Marjan Popov, Mart van der Meijden
PM10A Knowledge-Based Approach to Voltage and Power Control in HV-MTDC Grids
Adedotun Agbemuko, Mario Ndreko, Marjan Popov, Jose L. Rueda, Mart van der Meijden
PM11Characteristics and Technical Challenges in Energy Internet Cyber-physical System
Ze-xing Chen, Yong-jun Zhang, Ze-xiang Cai, Li-cheng Li, Ping Liu
PM12Operational Planning and Optimisation in Active Distribution Networks using Modern Intelligent Power Flow Controllers
Ahmad Asrul, Ibrahim Behzad, Kazemtabrizi, Chris Dent
PM13The Coordinated Voltage Control Meets Imperfect Communication System
Jiangjiao Xu, Hongjian Sun, Chris Dent
PM14Economic Benefits of Photovoltaic-based Systems for Residential Customers Participating in Open Electricity Markets
Arun Narayanan, Tero Kaipia, Jarmo Partanen

Poster Session Tuesday 11.10.2016

Poster numberPaper & Authors
PT01Long-term Voltage Stability Analysis and Network Topology in Power Systems
Rincón R., Pavas A., Mojica E.
PT02Commercial and Supply Restoration Services Prioritization in an Electricity Utility
Fabio Romero, Paulo Baumann, Tiago Miranda, Alden Antunes, Angelo Alves, Sergio Valinho, Luisa Azevedo
PT03Simulation Study of Transactive Control Strategies for Residential HVAC Systems
Rajendra Adhikari, Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Murat Kuzlu, Saifur Rahman
PT04Economic Simulations of the Participation of Virtual Power Plants on the Swiss Balancing Market
Romain Bourdette, Daniel Brodén
PT05Nonlinear Economic Model Predictive Control Strategy for Active Smart Buildings
Rui Mirra Santos, Yi Zong, Jo M. C. Sousa, Luís Mendonça, Anders Thavlov
PT06Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Aims for CO2 Emission Reduction?
Ville Tikka, Juha Haakana, Jukka Lassila, Jarmo Partanen
PT07Design of an algorithm to deliver demand side flexibility from aggregated resources to distribution system operators
Gerard Del-Rosario-Calaf, Sergi Rocamora, Cristina Corchero
PT08Evaluation of New Voltage Operating Strategies for Integration of Distributed Generation into Distribution Networks
Milana Plecas, Simon Gill, Ivana Kockar, Ross Anderson
PT09Determination and Comparison of Redispatch Power Methodologies
Gaby Seifert Nadine, Wehner, Matthias Luther
PT10Measurement-based determination of static load models in a low voltage grid
Jürgen Marchgraber, Evangelia Xypolytou, Irina Lupandina, Wolfgang Gawlik, Matthias Stifter
PT11Key Performance Indicators for RES Integration in LV Distribution Networks
Tomi Medved, Blaž Prislan, Jernej Zupančič, Andreas Tuerk, Andrej Gubina
PT12Simulation Environment for Centralized Protection and Control applying dSPACE and RTDS with IEC 61850 9-2 Communication
Ali Umair