Uros Salobir

Uros Salobir
Uroš Salobir – ELES

Uroš Salobir M.Sc., General Coordinator for System Development, Advisor to CEO, Company management, has been working with ELES since 1997 where he has taken various responsibilities ranging from Assistant of Director for Asset Management, Director of System Operations and since 2013 holds the current position.

Uroš has been involved in various company projects ranging from real time control systems, market developments, ancillary services projects and asset risk management. As an active member of international associations he has taken various responsibilities on international level like Convenorship of balance management group within South East TSO association and Convenorship of operational scheduling group within Central East TSO association.

Uroš is currently member of the Company General Management where he is responsible for Research and Innovation, System Development and Coordination of large projects. Since January 2016 he is the Project Coordinator of the FutureFlow project, with 13 mio budget the largest European H2020 research project coordinated by a Slovenian organization or company.”