Welcoming Messages from the Organizing Committee of ISGT 2021

“Once again, we are gearing up for ISGT2021 which will be hosted virtually from Feb. 16-18, 2021. This year’s theme will be “Technology Solutions for an Evolving Grid,” which will build upon last year’s theme of Enabling Intelligent and Resilient Communities. I have been talking to the organizing committee members who are working hard behind the scenes to say a few welcoming words as they finalize their preparations for the 2021 Conference.” Yonael Teklu


“Dear colleagues, On behalf of the organizing committee, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies North America (ISGT NA) Conference. ISGT is intended to serve as a platform for exchanging ideas about the future of our industry. Our focus this year includes 1) discussing our industry’s unprecedented evolution driven by the energy transition, decarbonization, and digital transformation, 2) understanding the impact of critical challenges in our industry, such as those prompted by the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, and 3) exploring potential solutions for a more reliable, resilient, efficient, secure and sustainable electric power grid. Our keynote speeches and plenary, panel, and poster sessions will discuss potential technology, infrastructure, regulation, and policy solutions to address these developments and challenges from diverse perspectives, including those of utilities, regulators, academia, research organizations, consultants, and manufacturers. This is ISGT NA’s first virtual conference and we are very excited about the opportunities that this will create, including the possibility that colleagues all over the world can join us from the convenience of their homes. We hope you enjoy the event, our organizing committee, IEEE PES staff, volunteers, speakers, and technical support team have worked hard to put together a program that meets your expectations. We want to thank specially our sponsors for supporting this event. We are always trying to improve the conference and are looking forward to your constructive feedback about the virtual experience and program.” Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, Chair – 2021 IEEE PES ISGT NA


“As Technical Chair of ISGT NA 2021, I would like to welcome you all to the conference, and thank all keynote, plenary, panel, and paper presenters for their valuable contributions. Please take time to view the pre-recorded presentation videos that are available to all registered attendees before the go live date of the conference, submit questions and comments, and plan to attend the live Q&A sessions. Please also take time to view the Supporter virtual booths. We look forward to your participation and productive exchanges.” Farrokh Rahimi 


“Electricity industry and its technologies are undergoing an ever-accelerating pace of change. Smart Grid concepts will be integral to coping with and leading this change. The ISGT Conference offers one of most exciting options to hear about the latest advances and become part of the leading edge in this exciting technology field.” Veronika Rabl


“Year-after-year the ISGT conference has provided a forum for cross-industry discussions about the technology challenges we face as we modernize electric power systems.  This tradition continues in 2021 with a virtual format that will enable us to continue to exchange useful and current information.  Please plan to join us.” Ron Melton


Ahad_EsmaeilianIt is with great pleasure that I greet you on behalf of the 12th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies North America (ISGT NA) Conference. Over the years, ISGT has been established as the “go-to-place” among pioneers in electric industry, to address wide variety of topics such as sustainability, grid modernization & resiliency and more. This year, ISGT’s main theme include: Agility and Resilience of Critical Energy Infrastructure, Innovation and Adoption of New Grid Technologies and Distributed Grid-Edge and Behind-the-Meter Technologies. We look forward to your participation.”
Dr. Ahad Esmaeilian, Marketing Chair