ISGT 2021 – A few tips

Ron Melton By Ron Melton

The ISGT North America organizing committee has been hard a work crafting an engaging virtual experience. We’ve worked to craft a North American time-zone friendly program that will allow attendees a rewarding experience.

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Technology Solutions for an Evolving Grid – 2021 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Conference

Arnie de Castro By Arnie de Castro, SAS Institute

Initiatives for the “Smart Grid” at the beginning of the millennium bring promise for ensuring grid reliability, quality and security, allowing customers to participate in optimizing the operation of the system, accommodating active demand-side assets of all sizes and technologies, assuring sustainability and improving the efficiency of the grid.

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Cybersecurity Research on Future Energy Systems

Charalambos Konstantinou By Charalambos Konstantinou, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Florida State University

In modern power systems with Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, a diverse set of technologies, machines, instrumentation, and architectures are integrated together. This complexity makes the science of determining the most effective strategies to make energy infrastructure secure and attack-resilient rather challenging.

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