Dr. Emily Pindilli

GeoValue Panelist
USGS                                                  E-mail: epindilli@usgs.gov

Dr. Pindilli is the lead for the Natural Resource Economics theme at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Science and Decisions Center in Reston, Virginia. She received her PhD from George Mason University. Emily has more than fifteen years of experience specializing in economic and policy analysis to support energy and environmental projects. Since joining USGS in 2012, she focuses on a diverse portfolio of environmental and informational economics research topics including: the value of scientific data; ecosystem services assessment and valuation; life cycle analyses of resource development and conservation; and environmental markets.  Dr. Pindilli is highly interested in innovative approaches to non-market valuation and using economics as a framework to conduct integrated analyses. Prior to joining USGS, she spent a number of years working on conventional and unconventional energy development, economics, and environmental impacts including the evaluation of U.S. reliance on oil imports, compatibility of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and policy analysis of oil shale and other unconventional fuels.

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