GeoValue Panel

The Value of Information in Decision-Making

2018 International Symposium on Technology and Society

The value of information in decision-making (“GEOValue”) and the associated economic impacts on society is sometimes difficult to quantify.  This panel will discuss methods and solutions needed to develop robust and reliable estimates of the value of information.

A variety of current approaches for evaluating the GEOValue will be discussed including broad benefits assessments conducted by surveys, case studies for specific applications, as well as studies that address cost-saving or innovation applications. The panel will introduce the idea of value chains and look at the effectiveness of value chains in understanding the benefits of information for decision making, in government, private sector and the non-profit organizations. This includes looking at types of information that can be routinely collected to support enhanced and recurrent impact assessments.

Panel Members:

Christoph Aubrecht – World Bank. Earth Observation for Sustainable Development program in support of International Financial Institutions

Jamie Kruse – East Carolina University, Supply chain, Value chain, Case Studies and Use Cases for assessing the Value of Geospatial Information

Yusuke Kuwayama – RFF, VALUABLES case studies on the value of information

Emily Pindilli – USGS, Harmful Algal Blooms as a use case on the value of information

 Carl Shapiro – USGS, The Value of USGS Science for Society