Dr. Carl Shapiro

GeoValue Panelist USGS                                      E-mail: cshapiro@usgs.gov Dr. Shapiro has been an economist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for over 35 years. He is currently Senior Economist, Energy and Minerals, and Environmental Health, and Director of the Science and Decisions Center (SDC), an interdisciplinary organization advancing the use of science in natural resource decision-making. In… Read more

Dr. Emily Pindilli

GeoValue Panelist USGS                                                  E-mail: epindilli@usgs.gov Dr. Pindilli is the lead for the Natural Resource Economics theme at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Science and Decisions Center in Reston, Virginia. She received her PhD from George Mason University. Emily has more than fifteen years of experience specializing in economic and policy analysis to support energy and environmental projects…. Read more

Dr. Yusuke Kuwayama

GeoValue Panelist Resources for the Future       E-mail: kuwayama@rff.org Dr. Yusuke Kuwayama is a Senior Research Fellow at Resources for the Future (RFF) and has worked with RFF as an economist since 2011. He received a PhD from University of Illinois, Urbana, IL in Agricultural & Applied Economics. His is the Director for the… Read more

Prof. Jamie Kruse

GeoValue Panelist East Carolina University                     E-mail: krusej@ecu.edu Professor Kruse is recognized for her research in economics and decision- making under uncertainty, especially as it relates to natural hazards.  She is currently the HCAS Distinguished Professor at East Carolina University. She completed her doctoral work at University of Arizona under dissertation advisor, Vernon Smith (2002 Nobel… Read more

Dr. Christoph Aubrecht

GeoValue Panelist ESA / the World Bank                        E-mail: caubrecht@worldbank.org Dr. Aubrecht is working with the World Bank as Senior Geospatial Specialist and advisor. He is affiliated with the European Space Agency, representing ESA at the World Bank to coordinate collaborative activities. Prior to joining ESA, Chris was leading the spatial analytics efforts under the World… Read more