Lorenzo Lo Monte

Chief Scientist, Telephonics
Talk Title: Technology Gaps in Radar: An Industry Perspective
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Jean-Charles Lede

Commander’s Autonomy Technical Advisor, Air Force Research Laboratory
Talk Title: AFRL Overview on Autonomy
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Rob Williams

Executive Director, Discovery Lab – Global (DLG)
Talk Title: Cybersecurity – Threats, Taxonomy, Technologies, and Training
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Luis Herrera

Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo
Track: Aerospace Power Systems and Power Electronics
Talk Title: Time scale analysis for the controller design of microgrids
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Cong Pu

Assistant Professor, Marshall University
Track: Machine Learning, Guidance and Control
Talk Title: Detect Me If You Can: Mitigating DoS Attacks in the Energy Harvesting Internet of Things
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Vijayan K. Asari

Professor, University of Dayton
Track: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Talk Title: Automated data annotation methodology for deep-learning based object detection and recognition
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