[email protected] Video Contest

The APS DPB would like to announce [email protected], the DPB’s first video contest to highlight research of students and postdocs. 

Why participate? The winning videos will be presented at the NAPAC’22 conference and get high level exposure by being featured during a plenary session. Additionally, winners will be awarded a cash prize of $500 (first place) and $250 (second place).

Winning videos will be selected based on:

  • Presentation (25%)
  • Clarity of Verbal Explanation (10%)
  • Scientific Merit (40%)
  • Student’s Contribution (25%)

How to participate? Become an APS DPB member (if you aren’t already), submit a 2-3 minute video describing your research to satogata@jlab.org by July 20th. Winners will be notified by August 1st and have to be present at NAPAC to receive the prize.