High Impact Research NSW IEEE Fellows Panel Session – Friday 8th of July, 5:00 – 6:30pm

It isn’t easy to become an IEEE Fellow. Recognition comes with substantial work and the development of an international profile. This session allows you the opportunity to meet some of NSWs IEEE Fellows. Learn about current and future trends, discover opportunities, and ask many questions.

Our Panelists include:

D/Prof. Willy Susilo
University of Wollongong

IEEE Fellow

Research Area: Cybersecurity

Prof. Benjamin Eggleton
University of Sydney

IEEE Fellow

Research Area: Nano Technology

Prof. Stephen Hanly
CSIRO- Macquarie University

IEEE Fellow

Research Area: Wireless Communication

Prof. Gernot Heiser
University of New South Wales

IEEE Fellow

Research Area: Trustworthy Systems

Prof. Brett Ninness
University of Newcastle

IEEE Fellow

Research Area: Dynamic System Modelling and System Identification