Topics of Interest

Smart Energy Regulation and Policy (SERP)

  • Optimization Techniques, Power Engineering Education, Power market Deregulation
  • Power System Planning, Energy Pricing Policies, and Retail Markets
  • Tariff and Market Design Model
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural/Urban Power Projects
  • Technology requirement and Energy
  • Power Privatization Challenges

Smart Grid Design and Security (SGDS)

  • Smart Grid, Metering Design and Cyber security
  • Materials Research Techniques for Smart grid equipment
  • Renewable Energy/Hybrid Systems and Micro-grid
  • Machine Actuators/Sensor Power systems & Technologies
  • Reliability, Forecasting and Power Flow Analysis
  • Sensor Systems, Signal Processing and Interfaces in Power systems
  • Electrical Vehicular Systems and Nuclear Energy

Smart Technology Application (STA)

  • Grid Integration Technologies – IoT, Cloud Computing and Fog Computing
  • Power Electronics, Sensors, Electric Machines and Motor Drives; Digital Automation
  • Power Stability/Control – Converters/Inverters, Network Harmonics
  • Smart Demand Side Management and Computer Applications
  • Communication and Grid-Security Applications
  • Computational Intelligence in Power systems
  • Fault/Network Diagnosis & Monitoring ,Transportation Electrification, Electric Vehicles

Electrical Safety (ESAFC)

  • Overhead Power Line Safety Issues in Africa and developing countries
  • Latest Updates on IEEE 1584 – IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations
  • Safety by Design
  • Globalization of Electrical Safety Standards
  • Commercial and Industrial System Protection
  • Lightning protection and ground methods with high resistivity African soils
  • Application of surge and lightning protective devices


  • Introduction to IEEE Standards Association
  • Development of international/global standards
  • IEC, IEEE, ANSI, NEMA and other international standards
  • How can IEEE Standards Benefit Africa and other developing countries
  • Current African Standards

IEEE-SIGHT – Region 8

  • Update on IEEE-SIGHT Projects
  • International Overhead Power Line Safety Awareness SIGHT Opportunities
  • Overhead Power Line Safety Awareness SIGHT Team India

Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (Africa)

  • Offshore Petro-Chemical Electric Power Supply Issues in Africa
  • Starting of large motors on weak electrical systems
  • Electrical Submersible Pump motor and cable issues
  • Hazardous electrical system design and operations issue
  • Industrial lighting using LED technology
  • Petro-chemical pipelines
  • Cathodic Protection issues in Africa
  • Arc resistant switchgear applications
  • Partial Discharge technology and applications
  • Energy Conservation Projects
  • Petro-chemical protective relaying
  • Emerging Petro-Chemical Industries such as LNG Plants

IAS – Industrial Renewable Energy

  • Industrial Renewable Energy Projects of Africa
  • Interconnection of Industrial Generation Projects
  • Distributed Energy Resources in Africa
  • Industrial Energy Storage Systems and African Projects
  • Advances in underground cable ratings

IAS Tutorials

  • Commercial, industrial and power system protection methods
  • Developing an electrical safety program
  • Basic Arc Flash Hazard Calculations
  • Introduction to Blockchain data bases
  • Basics of System Grounding and Ground Fault Protection
  • Basics of Symmetrical Components for the power engineer
  • Basics of electric machines and transformers


  • Technology requirements for energy access
  • Challenges and opportunities of accessible power
  • Today power for a sustainable future
  • Power factor correction and consumer education in developing country
  • Power revolution policy, Law
  • The energy metering and demand charge
  • Power supply availability and it effectiveness