Powering Villages Today - Building and Operating an off-grid mini-utility system (Full Day) - Mike Wilson

Powering Villages Today – Building and Operating an off-grid mini-utility system

Description:  In 2018 the World Bank committed $1.4 billion for energy access programs, with $600 million toward mini-grid and off grid electrification; 78% of which designated for Africa. This money, combined with $1,066 million in private sector and government support, is driving the introduction of 2,200 World Bank planned mini grid projects.  In addition to World Bank support of this energy sector, there are a multitude of small, medium and large scale projects underway with private, venture, angel and other capital infusions.

This tutorial will begin with a brief introduction to the exploding world of islanded mini grid installations followed by a deep dive into the design, technology, deployment and operation of small-scale micro utilities within the Africa context. The day’s class will round up with real-world case studies and testimonials from IEEE Smart Village in-country “energy entrepreneurs” and project managers.  This all-day tutorial kicks off with the “why” mini grids are the future of distributed energy service…. Followed by the “how to” build and plan your micro utility… ending with “what I did” by genuine practitioners.

Hands on activities include introduction of the IEEE Smart Village SunBlazer IV, the next-generation product in the series with scalable features designed to provide reliable sustainable energy solution to off grid communities around the world. A mobile solar 1,800W to 3,600 W base station with portable battery kits for home lighting.

Organizers: Mike Wilson, Sr. Program Manager – IEEE Smart Village, IEEE Staff

Duration:  Full day


Farouk Bello is an Energy Access Specialist at the World Bank working on the Nigeria Electrification Project, a $350 million loan facility to develop the Mini grid and SHS sub-sectors in Nigeria.  He is also a team member on the Regional Off-grid Electrification Project which aims to electrify public institutions such as Primary Health Care Centers, Primary and Secondary schools across 19 African countries.

He was the Team Lead at eN consulting, the private developer of 2 on-grid Solar IPPs located in Kaduna (50MW) and Jigawa (100MW) states.

At eN he was mainly in charge of on the ground stakeholder engagements, plant engineering, regulatory affairs and permits from the various govt agencies. Grid connection, ESIA, PPA, PCOA, project financing and structuring negotiations etc. From 2011 to 2015 he was a Manager and Special Assistant to the Executive Commissioner in the Consumer Affairs and Engineering Department at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

Dr. Henry Louie – Associate Professor and the Father Francis Wood Endowed Research Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seattle University, WA, USA.  Dr. Louie holds a BSEE from Kettering University, an MS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD from the University of Washington. His research interests include renewable energy integration, power system analysis and power system economics. Louie has been working in the energy access field since 2008. In 2015, he co-founded the non-profit organization KiloWatts for Humanity, is a Fulbright Scholar to Copperbelt University in Kitwe, Zambia., and Associate Editor for Energy for Sustainable Development. Louie is an award-winning educator with expertise and a passion for energy access. He will provide a near full-day tutorials on planning, designing and implementing off-grid systems in developing countries.

Jude Numfor – CEO Reliable Energy Innovators Cameroon (REIc), Jude is a seasoned entrepreneur with exceptional experience in off-grid electrification. He has great passion for the people in the off-grid communities and a member of the IEEE Smart Village. REIc is a social enterprise providing off-grid electrification using solar power and standalone/on grid solar backup systems. Jude will share his experience in bringing SunBlazer type 2kW DC/AC Microgrid systems, as well as, 30KW AC Microgrids to villages in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Ifeanyi Orajaka –  CEO GVE Projects Ltd. Nigeria Ifeanyi holds a B.Eng in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and an M.Eng in Power Systems Engineering from the University of Port-Harcourt both in Nigeria. He is an Obama Foundation Fellow, Global Shaper (World Economic Forum), social entrepreneur, Green Ambassador, and mentor.  As the founder/CEO of GVE Projects ltd, he is directly involved in the development/implementation of strategies to position the company as a leader in the African renewable energy industry. He has led GVE from an undergraduate student project concept to become a global brand, a market leader in the Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and one of the fastest growing private companies in Africa.

Duration:  Full day Tuesday August 20.

Session 1a 8:30-9:30 (1hr)   Jon Exel “World Bank perspectives on the future of Micro Grids and distributed energy service company (DESCO) funding.

Session 1b 9:30-10:30 (1hr)  Henry Louie – Fundamentals of small-scale power generation


Session 2 10:45-12:45 (2hr)   Henry Louie – Hardware selection, integration and power production.


Session 3a 13:15-16:00 (1hr 45 min)    Henry Louie – Operations, load management, meeting demand.

Session 3b 15:00-16:00 (1hr) – Jim White – Battery safety.


Session 4 16:15-17:30 (1hr 45 min) – Smart Village Project Managers – Case Studies from practitioners.

Power System Protection- Industrial and Utility Power System Protection (Full Day) - John Nelson

Power System Protection- Industrial and utility power system Accident Prevention

Organizers:  John Nelson

Presenters:  John Nelson (NEI Engineering, USA)

Duration:  Full day


Morning Session – Protection Basics

  1. Introduction to power system protection
  1. Protection philosophies
  2. General types of protection
  3. ANSI device numbering system
  1. Relaying mathematics
  1. Review of percent and per unit
  2. Review of symmetrical components and relaying applications
  1. Current and voltage transformers
  2. System grounding concepts
  3. Types of protection
  1. Overcurrent – non-directional
  2. Overcurrent – directional
  3. Distance relaying
  4. Differential over current
  5. Under/Over Voltage
  6. Under/Over Frequency
  7. Communication Assisted Relaying
  8. Permissive overreaching
  9. Directional comparison
  10. Line differential
  11. Direct under reaching
  1. Bus breaker arrangement
  1. Single bus
  2. Double bus, main-tie-main
  3. Ring bus
  4. Double bus, breaker and a half
  5. Double bus, double breaker

Afternoon Session – Protection Systems

  1. Bus protection
  2. Feeder protection
  3. Transformer protection
  4. Generator protection
  5. Motor protection
  6. Communications assisted protection

Presenters bios:

John Nelson, PE, is an IEEE Life Fellow with over 50 years of power engineering experience.  He has considerable industrial and utility protective relaying and power engineering experience for the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity.  He has taught graduate power system protection classes at both the University of Colorado and the Colorado School of Mines.  He is the recipient of the IEEE Richard Harold Kaufman Award (2012), the IAS PCIC Russel W. Mills Award (2015), the IAS Distinguished Service Award (2018) and the IAS PCIC Electric Safety Excellence Award (2019).

Electrical Maintenance: Offline Testing and Online Monitoring of HV Rotating Machines (Half Day AM) - Mladen Sasic

Electrical Maintenance – Offline Testing and Online Monitoring of HV Rotating Machines

Organizers:  Mladen Sasic (Iris Power – Qualitrol, Ontario, Canada)

Presenter:  Mladen Sasic (Iris Power – Qualitrol, Ontario, Canada)

Duration:  Half day;  two hours Rotating Equipment and two Hours Static Equipment


This tutorial will cover:

  • Basic design of large electrical rotating machines, Transformers and other electrical equipment
  • Failure mechanisms
  • Testing, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities and limitations
  • Common electrical rotor and stator winding tests
  • Common transformer field tests and maintenance

Presenter bios:

Mladen Sasic is Manager of Rotating Machines Technical Services with IRIS Power, Canada. He has more than 30 years of experience in design and testing of High Voltage Electrical Power Equipment.

Mladen Sasic received a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Sarajevo University, Yugoslavia in 1987. He is a senior member of the IEEE and is a registered professional engineer in Ontario, Canada. Mladen was coauthor of Handbook of Electrical Motors published in 2004, and more than 100 technical papers.

He was a member and contributed to various CIGRE, IEC, ISO, CSA and IEEE working groups.


Efficient Power System Management (Case Study of KEDCO)

Efficient Power System Management Efficient Power System Management (Case Study of KEDCO)