John P. Nelson

John P. Nelson was recently appointed as the IEEE Smart Village – Next Generation (ISVx) Chair.
He graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, in 1970, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Colorado Boulder, in 1975.  He performed post graduate studies in business administration from 1975-1979. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Nelson held positions with Public Service Company of Colorado, from 1969-1979, Power Line Models, from 1979-1984 and NEI Electric Power Engineering from 1984-2014.  In December 2014, Mr. Nelson retired as the CEO and a principle engineer of NEI Electric Power Engineering which he founded in 1984.  Mr. Nelson has also been active in the IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee since 1980 where he received the Russel W. Mills award for outstanding contributions to PCIC.  Mr. Nelson was elevated to IEEE Fellow in 1999 and is the recipient of the 2012 Harold Kaufman award.  Mr. Nelson is a registered professional engineer in the state of Colorado, as well as eight other states.

Daleep Mohla, an IEEE Life Fellow, is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, USA. He worked for Pullman Consulting, Union Carbide, and Dow for thirty years. Daleep is the Owner and Principal Consulting Engineer for DCM Electrical Consulting Services in Missouri City. Texas. His Company provides consulting services in National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E training, preparation and audit of electrical safety programs and facilities, and forensic investigations.

Daleep is very active in IEEE and NFPA standards. He is involved in different capacities in the following:

1. Chair of IAS Standards Department
2. Member of IEEE- Standards Association Standards Board
3. Chair IEEE 1584 IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations sponsored by IAS/ Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee
4. Member of NFPA 70E Technical Committee for Standard for Electrical safety in the Workplace and National Electrical Code Panel 5 on Grounding and Bonding

Daleep was elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2006 for contributions to electrical safety design concepts to reduce workplace hazards.  He received the 2007 IEEE Industrial Applications Society (IAS) Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee’s David Azbill Award and the 2011 IEEE Standards Association Charles Steinmetz award for contributions to the preparation, dissemination, and advocacy of consensus safety standards for operation and maintenance of industrial and commercial power systems to include safety concepts. He was recipient of the Safety Excellence Award of IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee in 2014.

Daleep Mohla

Daryld Ray Crow

Daryld Ray Crow is presently the Owner and Principal Technical Consultant for DRC Consulting Inc. and performs consulting work for electrical safe work practice standards, assessments/audits, electrical safe work practice training and electrical engineering projects.  He graduated from the University of Houston in 1969 with a BSEE.

After graduation, Ray went to work for the Aluminum Company of America providing global engineering support on the design, installation, and operation of power and rectifier systems and electrical safety.

He was a team leader for writing multiple Alcoa electrical standards including electrical safe work practice standards and training.  Ray was the team leader for providing internal electrical safety audits of Alcoa facilities.  After retiring from Alcoa, he worked for Fluor Global Services and Duke Energy as a Principal Technical Specialist providing design and consulting electrical engineering for plant power distribution systems and safe work practice programs, standards, and assessments/audits for facilities.

Ray is a life senior member of IEEE and a principal member of the NFPA 70E technical committee, he is the secretary of IEEE standard P1584.1, secretary and technical editor for IEEE standard P1814, and was the chair of PCIC IEEE standard P463-2019 and secretary of IEEE P1584.

In 2010 Ray received the IEEE/PCIC “Electrical Safety Excellence” award and in 2017 he received the IEEE/ESW “Outstanding Service Award”. Ray has Co-authored and presented technical papers and tutorials for a number of IEEE IAS PCIC conferences, IEEE IAS Pulp & Paper conferences, IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop conferences, and the NETA PowerTest conference.

Geisel Custodio is the co-owner and Principal Consulting Engineer for ASEP Electrical Consulting Services in Angola. His company provides consulting services in power system network and industrial systems, preparation and audit of electrical safety programs and facilities, and power reliability improvement.

He graduated from the University of Agostinho Neto-Angola, in 2010, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Science in Power System Control and regulation, from the University of CIPEL – University Jose Antonio Echevarria – CUJAE, Havana-Cuba, in 2017.  He performed post graduate studies in Oil and Gas Business Management in 2018. He was electric field engineer in a hydroelectric dam. After that he joined Chevron, working as power system engineer in Malongo – Angola. In 2018, He was elected as Coordinator of Electrotechnical Community of Angolan Engineers Council.

Geisel Custodio