IEEE has the most comprehensive offering of Transactions in the field of electrical engineering.  Transactions papers are expected to be of higher quality than conference papers, understood in terms of breadth of the study, inclusion of theoretical as well as experimental work, explaining where the contribution stands with respect to the existing art, etc.  This said, it is often the case that a Transactions paper starts initially as a conference paper, or is a combination of several conference papers.  In fact, some IEEE societies, such as the IAS, require for a paper to be presented first at a conference.

Papers presented at PowerAfrica can be a good source of a potential Transactions paper.  For authors interested in publishing in Transactions after PowerAfrica, there are several steps to take:

  1. Add material, combine several papers, and generally enhance the paper to make it ready for peer review.
  2. Select the most appropriate transactions. Very likely Transactions for PowerArica papers:

The recommendation is therefore to look at the scope of the various possible transactions.  If not clear, feel free to contact the editor of the Transactions you are considering, and ask if your topic is within its scope.  Alternatively, feel free to contact the PowerAfrica organizing committee or Bruno Lequesne at

For any queries regarding paper submission, please contact the Technical Program Chairs at