ProComm 2020 Conference Schedule

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Day One, Monday July 20th

Start End Session ID Title
9:00 9:45 Keynote Dr. Carol Barnum: All Aboard for Content Strategy – Live
Dr. Barnum brings years of experience in teaching, research, and business consulting. She co-founded UX Firm, based in Atlanta, GA. UX Firm is a usability consulting company engaged in usability testing and many other types of UX research with clients world-wide. She also was Director and Co-Founder of The Usability Center @ Southern Polytechnic, working with clients on a host of projects and platforms for two decades.
10:00 10:45 Session 1 Academic and Industry Perspectives – SimuLive
Brian Traynor, Glenn Ruhl and Ben Kunz “Merging Territories, Part III: Reaching Maturity and Responding to Change”
Yvonne Cleary and Marie McCullagh “Technical Communication in the United Kingdom: The Academic and Professional Contexts”
Session 2 Global Considerations – SimuLive
Kathryn Northcut, Clair Kueny, Alanna Krolikowski, Kaidi Yang and Rainer Glaser “Transnational Science Publication Ethics Training Using Scenarios”
Jonathan Arnett, Laura Palmer, and Katherine Taylor “Kindly Requested Is Your Rapt Attention: Embedded Support for ESL Students in Technical Writing Classes”
Kristinn Andersen, Helgi Thorbergsson, Saemundur Thorsteinsson and Karl Gudmundsson “The Small Languages in the Large World of Technology”
11:00 11:45 Session 3 Biases and Beliefs – SimuLive
Kristin Bennett “Interrogating Normalizing Pedagogies, Policies, and Practices in Technical and Professional Communication through Disability Studies”
Quan Zhou “Cognitive Biases in Technical Communication”
Scott Weedon “The Role of Taste in the Belief in Pseudoscience”
Session 4 Science, Engineering, and Mathematics – SimuLive  (NOTE: Extended session. It will conclude at 11:59 EDT.)
Michael McCarthy “Teaching Metaphors to Scientists: A Mixed Methods Approach”
Suzanne Lane “‘Here We Show’: Teaching Engineering Students to Reason With an Audience”
Kathleen Hardesty and Craig Hardesty “Math Matters in Communication: Manipulation and Misrepresentation in Data Displays”
Laura Patterson “Engineering Students’ Empathy Development Through Service Learning: Qualitative Results in a Technical Communication Course”
12:00 12:45 LunchNet1 Zoom With the PCS Board of Governors (recommended for attendees with 0-3 years of experience with PCS) – Live
LunchNet2 Zoom About Careers and Career Advice (recommended for attendees with 4+ years of experience with PCS) – Live
13:00 13:45 Lufkin Winner Rhetoric of Public Crisis: Constructing Communication Network in Transcultural Contexts – SimuLive
Lin Dong presents this year’s James M. Lufkin Award-winning paper (best conference paper)
14:00 14:45 Session 5 The Feedback and Editing Process – SimuLive
Alena Kasparkova and Kamila Etchegoyen Rosolova “A Geocaching Game ‘Meet Your Editor’ as a Teaser for Writing Courses”
Sara Doan “Digging, Displaying, and Translating: Content-Centric Feedback, Powered by Metaphors”
Session 6 The Future Starts Today – SimuLive
Yumeng Yang, Joyce Karreman and Menno de Jong “Comparing the Effects of Paper and Mobile Augmented Reality Instructions to Guide Assembly Tasks”
Thomas Burns “Practical Considerations for the Remediation of 3DCAD into Visual Technical Communication”
Rob Grace and Jess Kropczynski “Communicating Next-Generation 911 With Local 911 Professionals: Preliminary Recommendations”
15:00 15:45 Session 7 User Experience – SimuLive
Guiseppe Getto, Jack Labriola, and Suzan Flanagan “The State of Mobile UX: Best Practices from Industry and Academia”
Danielle Stambler “What Is ‘Eating Right’ at Work? User Experience With an Employee Wellness Program”
Kylie M. Jacobsen “Adding the Humanities into Math Curriculum Development: A UX Study on Reading and Writing Mathematical Arguments”
Session 8 Writing – SimuLive
Shelley Thomas “Using iPads in Technical Editing: An Untapped Resource”
Crista Mohammed and Cathy-Ann Radix “Creating Rhetorical Complexity: Using Popular Science Articles to Teach Abstract Writing”
Suguru Ishizaki and David Kaufer “Scalable Writing Pedagogy for Strengthening Cohesion With Interactive Visualization”
16:00 16:30 The Hallway Debrief and Chat Time – Live
19:00 20:00 Social Hour Informal Drop-In Social Hour – Live
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Day Two, Tuesday July 21st

Start End SessionID Title
9:00 9:45 Panel 1 Technical Communication in China – SimuLive
Zhijun Gao, Keyu Ming, Jingsong Yu, Fan Li, and Yuxin Gao
Panel 2 Understanding Generational Factors in the Workplace: Current Considerations for Telework Practices and the Digital Native – SimuLive
Courtney Crooks, Jerri Lynn Hogg, Kerri Lemoi, Monica Robbins, Jay Grant, and Sophia Martin
Panel 3 Creating Value for STEAM Students: Incorporating
Experiential Learning Into Engineering and Technical Communication
Classes Through Community Engagement 
– Live
Tammy Rice-Bailey, Deanna Leitzke, and Tyra Hildebrand
10:00 10:45 Roundtable 1 Extended Abstract Roundtable With a Training and Accessibility Focus– SimuLive
Katie Homar “STEAM Communication in the ‘Third Space’: Perspectives From a Graduate Professional Development Program”
Manako Yabe “Action Research and Accessibility in Technical Communication”   (NOTE: This presentation intentionally has no audio.)
Nupoor Ranade and Yeqing Kong “Custom OR Off-the-Shelf Software: Making the Right Choice for Corpus Analysis”
Roundtable 2 Extended Abstract Roundtable With a Retrospective Focus – SimuLive
Kira Dreher “Plain Language in the Sciences: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Research”
Saul Carliner and Margaret Driscoll “Everything Old Is New Again”
11:00 11:45 Roundtable 3 Extended Abstract Roundtable With an Applied Communication Focus – SimuLive
Sara Raffel and Sonia Stephens “How Hurricane Visualization Tools Affect the Public’s Perception of Risk and Preparedness”
Michelle Sidler, Susan Youngblood, and Natalie Butts-Ball “Technical Communication and Rural Home Affordability: Style Guides as STEAM Documents”
Michelle Cowan “Tactical Translation: Solutions to Problems With Component-Based Content Management”
Roundtable 4 Extended Abstract Roundtable With a Teaching Focus – SimuLive
Yeqing Kong “What to Expect When You Are Learning Data Visualization: A Textual Analysis of Course Syllabi”
Jamie May “Science Fiction and Social Justice: Teaching Students to Consider Ethics, Sustainability, and Diversity Issues”
Jordan Smith “Using Empirical Data to Inform Technical-Editing Pedagogies”
12:00 12:45 LunchNet3 Zoom About Academic Work– Live
LunchNet4 Zoom About Professional Work – Live
13:00 14:45 Workshop 1 CANCELED Power Writing for Today’s Tech Students – Live
Natalie Canavor “Power Writing for Today’s Tech Students”
Workshop 2 Transforming Your Conference Paper Into an Article for the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication – Live
George Hayhoe, Rebekka Andersen, Craig Baehr, Pam Estes Brewer, and Aimee Kendall Roundtree “Transforming Your Conference Paper Into an Article for the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication”
Workshop 3 Getting Started With Open Source Documentation: Choosing a Project and Applying Effective User Stories – Live
Ashley Hardin and Kathryn Alexander “Getting Started With Open Source Documentation: Choosing a Project and Applying Effective User Stories”
15:00 15:45 Awards Awards Presentations and Addresses – Live
George Hayhoe — The Alfred N. Goldsmith Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Communication Award
Brian Traynor — The Emily K. Schlesinger Award for Outstanding Service to the Professional Communication Society
Ahmad Alaiad, Yazan Alnsour, and Mohammad Alsharo, authors of “Virtual Teams: Thematic Taxonomy, Constructs Model, and Future Research Directions,” which appeared in the September 2019 issue of the Transactions — The Rudolph J. Joenk, Jr. Award for Best Paper in the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
Kelli Cargile-Cook — The Ronald S. Blicq Award for Distinction in Technical Communication Education
Lin Dong, author of “Rhetoric of Public Crisis: Constructing Communication Networks in Transcultural Digital Contexts” — James M. Lufkin Award for Best Conference Paper
Danielle Stambler, author of “What Is ‘Eating Right’ at Work? User Experiences With an Employee Wellness Program” — The Hayhoe Fellow Award
16:00 16:30 The Hallway Debrief and Chat Time – Live