Edition 5.0

Reva Bhardwaj
Sustainability Professional | TEDx Speaker
Sudipta Debnath
Enterprise Software Architect - Proactive Software at Cisco
Prachi Shevgaonkar
Founder, Cool The Globe - A Citizen Led Platform for Climate Action
Wioleta Burdzy Seth
Founding & Steering Committee Member of Youth for Sustainability India Alliance | Co-founder of Human Circle

Edition 4.0

Simay Akar
CCO & Co-Founder of Innoses
Sinjini Sengupta
Founder - LIGHTHOUSE (lighthouse.co.in) | Author | TEDx Speaker | Distinguished Toastmaster
Kiran Kumar H S
Innovation & Product Strategy Consultant & Mentor Associated with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India
Helen Kim
VP of Wireless Technology and IP at MaxLinear Inc.
Dr. Shantha Mohan
Executive In Residence, Integrated Innovation Institute iLab at Carnegie Mellon University
Rohit Adlakha
CXO, Advisor to Vector Center and Zscaler
Sur Khurana
Wellness and Life Coach, Keynote Speaker & Founder of Co-Create With Universe
Abhishek Bhattacharya
Co-founder of Whrrl

Edition 3.0

Ramalatha Marimuthu
Secretary & BOG Member at IEEE Computer Society, US
Foram Rajdev
ExCom Member at IEEE WIE Region 10, Mathematics Professor at Marwadi University, Gujarat India
Aishwarya Bandla
Professional Activities Chair, IEEE Singapore Section; ExCo member, IEEE WIE Region 10
Harish Srinivasan
Co-Founder at Infinite Engineers, Learning Experience Designer, India)

Edition 2.0

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan
Global Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee, USA
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
IEEE Fellow | Professor, The University of Kansas | Past Chair (2017-18), IEEE WIE, USA
Subodh Gajare
Lead Architect, Cisco R&D, Bangalore, India
Mei Lin Fung
Chair & Cofounder, People Centred Internet, USA

Edition 1.0

Aakash Bansal
PhD Researcher at Loughborough University, UK
Bhagya Samarakoon
AdCom Member, IEEE WIE Singapore Section, Singapore
Shailesh Prabhu
Senior 5G Developer at Wipro Limited, India
Pia Torres
RoboTeam Founder & Director, IEEE HAC Member, Argentina
Ramneek Kalra
IEEE Impact Creator
Kirthika Senthil Kumar
AdCom Member, IEEE WIE Singapore Section, Singapore