Mr. Kishore Kumar Sharma

Social Media Chair

Senior Software Engineer, RBEI Pvt. Ltd.
Social Media, TCS and ECIM Manager At IEEE Bangalore Section

One can have Passion and interest in exploring what they feel. Kishore Kumar an Industrial Pathfinder, had found the zealousness in the stream of Electrical Engineering and driven into it with great ebullience and twin obligations. After he had a voyage of 4 years span in his stream he found vehemence in Bio Medical Engineering which became his Master’s Degree. And he was known for the Significant approach using Smart and Hardworking towards his works.
His curiousness in industrial technology had made him start an internship and get into National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) and the Indian Institute Of Science(IISc). His magnificent performance leads him to start his Industrial Quest with Robert Bosch (RBEI Pvt. Ltd.) and acquired more than 4 years of experience in Car Multimedia. As we know Kishore is an ambidextrous, he had become a part of Technology for CSR initiative at Bosch.
His Explorations took him to IEEE Organization And had served in IEEE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, Bangalore Section as EXECOM member since 2016. As the time goes he had been elected as Secretary for 2019 year. He even had his two publications published under IEEE international conferences. On the other hand, he has become the Vice Chairman of India Council 2020.
He also train and made students who are Zest enough like him to explore in their streams. 2017 Make in India Entrepreneurship Bootcamp which happened @BMSCE Bangalore had anchored the winner tag to him.
Kishore has been enhancing the development of students and interests by delivering many Technical talks to different Engineering Colleges on “Design and Development of Product.”
For his Known Works and Contributions towards IEEE organization soon he had become a crucial person in the team of IEEE Bangalore Section. And had been as an organized member for the major IEEE events.
IEEE being a platform for students and professional, want to bridge the gap which is still missing. He had been trying to make the stack holders aware of how IEEE can change their careers very efficiently. And to build a first-rate interactive connection between IEEE and the people out of it, he had been Handling the IEEE Bangalore Section Social Media Team with ardor.
Not only IEEE he had also organized many Mega Events under The Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore (IISc).