About the SAC

The Student Activities Conference (SAC) is a student-organized event that invites IEEE members from all over the region to compete in competitions, learn from industry experts, and build memorable experiences with university students in technical fields. This year, the SAC will be hosted at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) from April 3-5, 2020.


What is there to do at SAC 2020?


The largest, and most exciting parts of the SAC are the competitions! Attendees are required to register for at least one, but may participate in many more. With 10 unique challenges, SAC 2020 will cover topics ranging from ethics, to embedded programming, to brain to computer interfaces. Attendees may compete individually, or as teams. Some competitions, like the famous Brown Bag circuits competition, require no preparation other than basic circuits knowledge. Others, like the annual MicroMouse challenge, require teams to design, build, and program their robot prior to the conference. SAC 2020 even offers the opportunity for attending students and graduate students to have their quality work published by IEEE!

Click here for a full list of competitions.



We are proud to say that attendees will have plenty to do throughout the conference! Friday night will include a wonderful social/technical activity, called the Friday Night Social! Equipped with free food, fun games, and a technical challenge, this is an event nobody will want to miss! If teams need to practice for their competitions, practice rooms will be conveniently located so that nobody will travel too far from the festivities.

Saturday will have a multitude of events throughout the day, ranging from lectures, to workshops, to a full-on career fair! To finish off of the conference, attendees will make their way to our banquet, where competition results will be announced, and prizes rewarded. Needless to say, you won’t be bored at SAC 2020.

Click here for a full list of events.

How to Get Involved in SAC 2020

To attend the SAC, you’ll have to register. The early-bird registration fee will expire two weeks after registration opens, so be sure to register soon!

Not sure you want to attend, or have questions about specific details? Send us an email, or join our Slack channel for immediate updates!

We’ll see you at UMBC soon!