Host SAC2021 Next Year

With SAC2020 on the horizon, it is time to propose your school to host SAC2021 next year! Is your student branch on the rise? Are you anxious to show off what your city and school have to offer? Hosting SAC is a privilege only one school per year can boast, and we know there are many eligible institutions out there.


  • Be able to host a large conference (>350 people) within venues on your campus and in the surrounding community.
  • Confirm the existence of suitable hotel space for this number of attendees.
  • Acquire the signatures of your Student Branch advisor, Department Chair, and as many student volunteers as possible.
  • Assemble a team. Hosting a SAC is a big undertaking and it isn’t possible without a team.

Proposals are due by CoB Friday, March 27th. We’ll announce the winning student branch at the awards ceremony during the SAC2020 Banquet on April 4th – it’s highly recommended that schools interested in hosting SAC attend the year prior. The winning student branch will be invited to breakfast on Sunday with this year’s organizers. 

We look forward to your submissions! See the proposal form on the sidebar. Contact Student Representative Will Howard (, Student Activities Coordinator Dr. Drew Lowery (, or SAC2020 Student Chair Alex Miu ( with any and all questions.