IEEE AI Symposium in Silicon Valley:

1st IEEE AI Symposium

2nd IEEE AI Symposium

IEEE Computer Society New Frontiers In Computing (NFIC):

The New Frontiers in Computing conference has a rich and long history of annual events, each with a different focus yet always with a futuristic outlook around computing.


Issue Year Title Location
21 2019 Networks of the Future: Emerging Technologies for 5G and Beyond Stanford
20 2018 Accelerating Smart and Connected Communities Santa Clara University
19 2017 Financial Technology: Hedging the Financial Storm Stanford
18 2016 Cognitive Computing: to the Singularity and beyond Stanford
17 2015 The Ecosystems of Smart Grid  Stanford
16 2014 The Future of Online Education  Stanford
15 2013 Social Network Analysis: It’s Who You Know  Stanford
14 2012 Emerging Medical Computing – Healthcare Up-Close and Personalized  Stanford
13 2011 Emerging Automotive Computing – Engineering in Overdrive  Stanford
12 2010 New Directions in Cloud Computing  Stanford
11 2009 Handheld Devices – New Technology Challenges – New Promises  Stanford
10 2008 Cloud Computing-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges  Stanford
9 2007 Multicore-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges  Stanford
8 2006 The World with RFID  The Biltmore Hotel,Santa Clara
7 2005 Sensor Networks — The New Environment  Stanford
6 2004 Semiconductors to Nanotechnology — The Coming Convergence  Stanford
5 2003 Emerging Issues in Security – Mobility and Privacy  Stanford
4 2002 Bioinformatics  Stanford
3 2001 Nanotechnology Stanford
2 2000 Internet Protocol Telephony Stanford
1 1999 Systems on a Chip Stanford