Student Program

The student program for IEEE SoutheastCon 2020 will be a full schedule of training, networking, and of course COMPETITIONS!

We begin Friday morning March 13 and will be done after the 2021 HW rules reveal on Sunday morning. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

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Please note that this year we have both a software competition as well as a hackathon. If you or another team member have interest in taking part in more than one competition please check the schedule as many of these are taking place concurrently.

Also note that we have a new competition – “Presentations” – that replaces the student paper competition. If you have a research paper to present, you should register as a student author and present that paper to be published! Remember that the IEEE HKN engineering honor society is offering a cash prize for the best student authored (primary author – your prof can still be a co-author).


Hardware Competition Registration

Hardware info

In the student hardware competition, students design autonomous robots that solve a complex challenge. This year’s challenge is a Pi Day themed competition where the robots must enter digits of Pi on a set of pushbuttons and stack digits of Pi using Lego Duplo.

Software Competition Registration

Software info

The student software competition uses the MIT Battlecode framework to test players software skills by coming up with unique and innovative solutions to win the game.

Hackathon Competition Registration

Hackathon Info

The student hackathon competition is an 8-hr hackathon that will both teach and challenge students to develop a robust, secure device for the Internet of Things. Up to twenty-five teams of student branches will complete in IoT challenges with security implications on the ESP -32 board with camera.

Ethics Competition Registration

Ethics Info

The student ethics competition includes a presentation and defense of a case analysis by teams of two or three students.

Presentation Competition Registration – (See Info about participating)

Presentation Info (PDF)

The student presentation competition allows students the opportunity to refine and demonstrate their technical presentation skills.

Networking Competition Registration

Networking Info (PDF)

The student networking competition is student self-driven and does not interfere with any other SoutheastCon events. Therefore, students are able to compete in the Student Networking Competition in addition to other student competitions.

Website Competition Registration

Website Info

In the student website competition students show their skill in website creation in the categories of content, navigation, originality, presentation, portability and load time.

T-shirt Competition Registration

T-shirt Info

In the student T-Shirt competition students show their design skills in creating a T-Shirt or lab coat that includes SoutheastCon 2020, the IEEE logo and the school name.