Student Hackathon Competition


  • Friday, March 13 2PM -Midnight with break from 6-7PM for reception (8-hour hackathon)
  • Teams shall consist of one or two students.
  • Each team must register for the Student Software Competition by March 10, 2020 at:
  • All competitors must be student members or graduate student members of IEEE in Region 3 at the time of the competition.
  • All competitors must be registered for SoutheastCon 2020.
  • Only one team is allowed per Region 3 student branch

IoT Hackathon

Come join us from 2PM – Midnight Friday, March 13 for an 8-hr IoT hackathon that will both teach and challenge you in developing a robust, secure device for the Internet of Things! Up to twenty-five teams of student branches will complete IoT challenges with security implications on the ESP -32 board with camera. During this eight hour hackathon you will learn to interface various input and output devices to your board (yes, you will be building hardware in our hackathon! NO SOLDERING!) There will also be a series of briefings during the hackathon that will cover how to best utilize this powerful microcontroller to create an amazing IoT “product”. You will be given a number of programming (and some wiring) challenges for points. And, you will learn a lot about cybersecurity and cloud computing and connectivity!

Programming will be done in arduino (C++). Some challenges may involve programming your laptop, so have some compiler / interpreter installed (language of your choice).

All teams will be working with IBM BlueMix Watson IoT, compliments of IBM!

A great time will be had by all! BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER (we are recommending at least one be Win10) – we will supply all the parts/sensors and software!

Participation is free to the primary team from any Region 3 participating school (ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR SOUTHEASTCON 2020!). Due to space limitations we will not be allowing additional teams this year.