Thank you to our speakers, volunteers, organizers, sponsors, and most of all, attendees for a successful IEEE 3rd 5G World Forum.

2020 IEEE 3rd 5G World Forum Conference Overview

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) sponsors more than 1,900 conferences and events each year all over the world, curating cutting-edge content in technical fields. IEEE sponsored the 5G broadband conference—the 2020 IEEE Third 5G World Forum. This conference brought together representatives from industry, academia, and research to share their insights and discuss advances in 5G as well as address challenges in 5G deployment.

The conference was held between 10 September and 2 November, 2020. IEEE originally planned the 2020 5G World Forum as an in-person event, but the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a change to these original plans. Technology conferences around the world have moved online since the spring. And the 2020 5G World Forum was no different—the conference was completely virtual. Despite this change in format, it remained an ideal platform to reach key stakeholders in the field of 5G.

Theme for the 2020 IEEE 5G World Forum

The theme for this global 5G event was “5G and Beyond: A Comprehensive Look at Future Networks.” The conference brought together contributors who have been cultivating 5G technology and applications for the benefit of society. And it emphasized novel architectures that support not only traditional mobile broadband technology but also vertical industry.

Technical Paper Awards

1st Place: “Alignment Aspects of OAM Signal Reception Using Rotman Lens Based Circular Array”, click here for paper listing

2nd Place: “CloudJoin: Experimenting at scale with Hybrid Cloud Computing”, click here for paper listing

3rd Place: “A Deep Learning based Approach for 5G NR CSI Estimation”, click here for paper listing


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