Mary Beth Borgwing

Mary Beth Borgwing, is the President of Standish Cyber Corp. serving technology and security companies with investment, operations and turnaround strategy advisory services. Borgwing serves on several boards and advisor to many high growth cyber security products companies in Silicon Valley, Washington DC and New York City. She is very active in cyber ecosystem in New York and Washington, DC. Mary Beth has extensive experience as a CEO and senior executive of security and technology product companes; LemonFish Technologies, (World Aware), Vigilant ( Deloitte), and Sentillion ( Microsoft). Borgwing has an established track record at Standish Cyber of building successful teams for high product growth and investor ROI for sales and investment “go to market” using a proven “product, market fit” strategy. Borgwing is a frequent speaker on cyber risk at global cyber conferences and contributing author to many national cyber publications. Mary Beth lives with her family in McLean,VA and is an avid networker.