Melisa Napoles

Melisa Napoles is a Solutions Engineer at Splunk helping customers solve interesting data problems in Security, Operations and Business Intelligence. She spends her time crafting solutions that use not only Splunk technology, but the many other open-source and third-party technologies that integrate with Splunk (which covers just about anything you can think of!), on-premise or in Cloud. Working with companies small to large and across many areas, gives Melisa the ability to see what works when embarking on AI and ML.

Melisa is a forever student and enjoys keeping up with all the changes in technology today. She is a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Alum and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics with Minors in Electrical Engineering and Business where she leverages her degree to add more methodical thinking to the process of data analytics.

Born and raised as a Latina in the US, and working with clients in the US and Mexico, gives Melisa a huge appreciation for what it means to do business in a country beside your own. Let alone, to say nothing of the nutty experiences she’s faced in the LatinX WiT community. She debates writing a book on her experiences to arm her own, and the next generation of female engineers for success (while learning herself along the way!).”