People come up with a range of definitions for the term “leadership.” The author John C. Maxwell defined a test of leadership from management this way, “To test whether a person could lead rather than manage is to ask him to create positive change.” Leadership is about providing a pleasant experience, not about a title or a position. Three characteristics used to classify leadership are Empowerment, Discipline, and Character. The ability to make a good difference by assisting others in achieving their own great achievement is the first attribute. The second characteristic is discipline or consistency is defined as a leader’s capacity to acquire support based on the constancy of their behaviours and intentions. The character or professionalism of a person is the third leadership quality. In all their dealings with others, a leader must maintain a professional approach, regardless of the other person’s position or status. The concept of empowering the members of your team is talked about a lot these days and with good reason. Good leaders are characterized by their ability to empower their teams to achieve maximum success. It is important to think through what empowerment means and how best to employ it so your organization can harness its strength.

Empowering others builds confidence in their ability to carry out your shared mission and goals, establishes critical trust in an organisation, and establishes the secondary level of leadership required when you are unable to make vital decisions. Women all throughout the world have used leadership and empowerment to achieve advancements in a culture that formerly looked down on us. Leadership and empowerment are closely linked: one cannot lead without empowerment, and one cannot empower without leadership.


Ms. Divya MG
Joint Director, CTSF & Admin Group- C-DAC, KP, Bangalore
Dr. Kumudhini Ravindra  Principal at Innomantra Consulting, Blr.
Dr. Prasanna Nambiar
Principal at DBIT, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Ms. Renu Rajani
Director – Women Who Code Hybd Chapter.

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