Steve Annear, CEO, President, Investor, Sole Shareholder, Company Office and Board Member

At age 11, Steve Annear lived in a mining camp in outback Western Australia, attended school in a one room schoolhouse and had his left leg amputated due to a blood circulation disorder, a condition he had battled since birth.

His journey from the Australian desert to Harvard Business School, from his life lived on crutches through to his completion of the 2022 Detroit Marathon, is one of determination, unique mindset, and a values-based approach to living and achieving. Steve has led the development, growth, and success of numerous businesses and investments, ranging from turnarounds of large industrial companies to early-stage tech investing. His roles have included CEO, President, investor, sole shareholder, company officer, and board member.

As a CEO, a father and a husband, Annear’s life experience is rich with challenges that continue to fuel his personal growth in a process that he believes has no ending.