Upcoming TC10 activities

Benchmark cases for performance analysis

Using a special case to show that a method works is one side of the medal. In order to be able to systematically assess the application area of development methods and to further develop them in a targeted manner, it is helpful to have benchmark cases that support this. Such benchmark cases exist only to a limited extent today and are to be developed within this working group of TC 10.

Machine-readable requirements definition

A variety of tools are used in the development of power electronic systems. Today, a major challenge is to compare development results with the specified requirements and to continuously check their fulfillment. If requirements were available in a uniform machine-readable format, their fulfillment could be automatically checked in every development step and deviations could be detected at an early stage. Further advantages arise with regard to the use and acceptance of mathematical optimization. This working group will collect existing material and defines a general standard on machine-readable requirements definitions for power electronic components and systems.

Web-based education

New design methods have an impact on the necessary training of future power electronics engineers. TC10 is also dedicated to this aspect. In cooperation with the PELS educational videos committee, web content is to be produced that will provide students and power electronics practitioners with the necessary background information and insights. This working group ensures creation of the content.

Competitions & Show Cases

Competition can inspire developments and you can learn a lot from examples. Both can help in the development and dissemination of novel development methods. To achieve this, this working group will organize competitions and show cases and make their results available to the community.