DC Transmission Lines as Green Energy Production


Power Transmission lines are either designed in AC or DC according to the requirement by the specific requirement, or infrastructure owner preference such as national grid system owner or state level grid system owner. In Malaysia all the transmission line systems are in AC systems while tie lines connected to either Thailand or Singapore are DC tie lines as interconnection lines. This tutorial proposes a new DC line system that could be used to supply DC sources based renewable energy as green energy transmission line carrier.  to take care of all the newly quantified renewable energy sources in in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world as alternative transmission to the already existing AC transmission line systems.

Why Green Grid is Necessary?

The reason why this new DC transmission line system is proposed is summarized as:

  1. To get an alternative DC transmission line system that may tackle future Green Energy Grid for urbanization mega project such as LRT/MRT, Monorails, transportation, hydrogen infrastructure that solely uses DC system.
  2. Electric Vehicle Station (EVS) which uses DC storage system.
  3. To provide DC system to the existing distributed renewable energy so that they can inject to their DC consumers located in remote areas in Malaysia specially in Sarawak State and Sabah States.

The Main Contents of the Tutorial

The tutorial may contain the following subtopics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Green Grid is needed.
  3. Comparison between DC and AC after AC-DC Conversion during DC based infrastructure projects.
  4. Where to go from here
  5. Points to nurture
  6. Q&A