Thanks to the following patrons for their support of IEEE’s ISTAS20.

We are presently seeking support from: 

  • Partners
  • Contributors
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  • Supporters

This support can take the form of direct grants (e.g. student travel grants or child care grants), paid advertising in the event program, services provided in exchange for brand exposure, underwriting a specific activity (breaks, lunch, etc.), and providing keynotes or other attendees gifts, among other ways. Note, supporters are distinguished from financial and technical sponsors that are internal to other IEEE Societies. If you would like to be a supporter, please Contact Us with “Supporter” in the Subject.

Potential financial Patrons could include (but are not limited to): educational institutions and publishers; public sector organisations, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations (local, state, national, international); consultancies and technology companies; Innovation Spaces (supporting for-profit and not-for-profit entrepreneurship); and funding agencies targeting relevant fields (including Foundations).