About the Award

Description: The award is conferred upon the author(s) of a paper presented at the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECon). The selection of the best papers was made based on the highest scores awarded during the review process, with each paper being evaluated by reviewers specific to its track.

Prize: All winners will be awarded prizes consisting of a certificate and a plaque.

Eligibility: There are no restrictions based on organization, nationality, race, creed, gender, or age, with the sole exceptions being the acceptance of a paper and its presentation at the IEEE PECon 2024. Additionally, IEEE membership is not a prerequisite.

Basis for Judging: The award is presented to the author(s) of a paper showcased at IEEE PECon 2024 that significantly contributes to the advancement of theory and practice in electrical and electronic engineering. This encompasses the development, design, manufacture, and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices, and controls across industry and commerce. It also includes efforts towards promoting safe, reliable, and economical installations; leadership in energy conservation; addressing environmental, health, and safety concerns; the formulation of voluntary engineering standards and recommended practices; and the professional growth of its members. Finalists are chosen from all accepted papers by the Conference Awards Committee.

Presentation: The winners will be announced at the Best Paper Award Ceremony, with the awards being presented throughout the conference. Should there be no qualified candidates identified, no awards will be distributed.